Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Week Six Preview

This week at Tamaki Intermediate School.
Starting Monday: Our Cook Island Group (if you don't know as we've mentioned this site is now top ten in the world for google searches related to it!) have a big performance this week at the Telstra Clear Center in Manukau City. At the same performance the APOPs group and the Choir will be also performing. This is a major undertaking for all of our school groups who start extensive rehearsals today and not only will we be filming the event we have special new video series related directly to this show! Stay tuned for exclusive footage of this amazing event!
Tuesday - Our Athletics team which are competing in the Eastern Zone Finals at Ericisson Stadium, the full team list will be released online here before anywhere else! Our Girls League tag team will also be hard in training for the Auckland Finals, which they managed by claiming the Runners Up spot at last weeks Central/Eastern Competition.

The Haka Waiata House Competition is only three short weeks away and all students are preparing for this compeditive cultural festival. In addition this week the first auditions are taking place for Tamaki Idol 2008. Again with everthing this site will have full exclusive footage before anywhere else.

Also due this week are the last in the series of Learn to Speak Samoan, Learn to Speak Tongan and Learn to Speak Fijian (which were all in the top ten google searches for worldwide! amazing!). Finally we've also now reached not only 11,500 teacher tube view, our 2,500 youtube view but this site should receive its 3,500 visitor at some point this week! That means our students work and related material has been viewed by 17,500 individuals since we starting broadcasting in March. We're very excited and hoping to reach 20,000 visitors before the site closes at the end of the year!


Mr O. said...

Just a quiet week ahead then! Wow. You are very busy, and very popular!

It is great to know that there is a global audience for your work...

I like the fact that you preview the week ahead and let everybody know what is going to happen.

tamakitoday said...

Well it helps to remind the students and ourselves sometimes! The global audience is hugely important for our work, we've got some top ten google search hits that the kids are really proud of, all the language stuff, learn to speak Samoan/Tongan/Fijian... thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.