Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Make Me a Samoan

This is the first in our new series of Online Samoan Videos.

Sidenna one of the students in Room Six has a Samoan parent but she's not sure about speaking Samoan... and is keen to learn, but who to teach her?!!??! but of course we have just the expert required for Make Me a Samoan as Gaifo will be working with Sidenna over the next few weeks to teacher her Samoan language.

There's a series of phrases spoken and then they are repeated by Gaifo but be warned were not putting this on screen you will have to listen carefully to the vocal leads!


Toney Starks said...

can't wait.

america said...

hello!my name is Brian i am from
america and i am from Jacksonville,
Florida.I am in 4th grade and i
just want to know what grades their
are there but,if you teach 4th grade,what lessons do you have?

tamakitoday said...

Thanks for your question Brian. 4th Grade in New Zealand I think would be Y4 in New Zealand. In New Zealand you start school at five years of age, so when your Y4 you should turn nine years old. We have lessons at Y4 in every subject. I have a great link for a really interesting Y4 class to check out at Point England School - its this.
Thanks for your comment!

spxroom6 said...

I like the way you both have been speaking clearly and I would like to ask is it true that Sidenna can't really speak Samoan???

By Room 6

Sideana said...

Room Six from St Pius School

It is true that i can't speak