Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tamaki Int - Learn to Speak Fijian 6

This lesson presented by Moli and Lelani covers a number of high frequency Fijian words that you might need to know. Featured in this lesson are the following Fijian phrases/words:
  • Yes - Io
  • No - Sega
  • Hello - Bula
  • Goodbye - Moce
  • Good - Vinaka
  • Please - kerekere
  • Thank you - Vinaka vaka levu
  • Dog - Kuli
  • Nice Food - Vinaka Na kacava e kana
The words appear in Fijian and in English on screen for you to follow. Written and produced by Moli and Lelani and filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School by Zecillia from Room Six.

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