Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Whaikorero Speech Contest

On the 5th of November at Tamaki Intermediate school there was the Y8 Whaikorero competition. Whaikorero means Maori Speech. All of the speeches had to have a proverb, and introduction in Maori and a Waiata (Song) to close. These are some selected highlights from this competition. Mikaela from Room Six was a representative and she wrote the following description about the experience.

My name is Mikaela I am Maori I competed in the whaiakorero speeches. There was six people who competed I think we all did really well. The Maori speech had to include a Whakatauki and an introduction on a speech. The Maori speech all up had to be three minutes long. It had to be followed by a Waiata. My song was:

Ma wai ra
E tau rima
te marae e waho nei
ma te tika
ma te pono
me te aroha e.

A few of the other songs that other contestants sang were NZ National Anthem, Te Aroha and He Honore .

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