Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tamaki Int - Boys Maori Haka 2

It goes without saying that students are very excited about the big cultural festival that is taking place this Friday. In our continuing series of highlights leading up to the big event this is the work in progress that is the Achilles Boys Haka. Achilles House were the runners up in last years competition and will be looking for their boys to lead them again this year. Each house has five acts that make up their entire performance that need to cover all of the cultures of the school and Maori culture is compulsory. We've already posted a varitey of Maori Haka's online and this is another example. Calliope who are the fourth house are the only house that are performing 'Ka Mate' which is the traditional All Black Haka and the one that people seem to be most aware of. Filmed by Victor on Friday 29th November 2008 at Tamaki Intermediate School.


jkmcclung said...

What a event this is gonna be. I have enjoyed watching all of the videos, I can't wait to see more videos from the actual festival.

Manaiakalani said...

Looks like a lot of prep is going into this festival. I agree with the first comment; I can't wait to see the footage from the 'big' event.
Good luck with the rehearsals
Mrs Burt

tamakitoday said...

Thanks to both of you, yes a lot of work has been going into it and it will be great to put it all online! A bit of work but enough to post to last all of Christmas!