Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate Holidays Update

Just a reminder that the students of Tamaki Intermediate School are on holidays for their Term three holidays this week and next. As we've said previously we'll be posting online during this time due to material that has been filmed prior to the holidays, but please excuse us if we are a little slow to reply to a comment or request.

Next week Mr Webb will be the Ulearn Conference in Christchurch for those of you keen to catch up.

Tamaki Int. - Cook Island Cultural Group

This is a previously unreleased video from our Cook Island Cultural Group. In August we sent a school trip to the Cook Islands. As part of the fund raising we had a special night at our school hall. This is the video of our school group performing at the night in full costume. Filmed by Miss Vailoa at our School Hall. August 2008.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tamaki Int - Rugby Vs. Viscount

On Monday 22nd September the Girls Rugby Interzone Finals took place at Point England Reserve. This involved the top four Girls teams from Auckland the Champions of each of the different Zones. Tamaki Intermediate were there as Eastern Zone Champions. We were up against Viscount School, the Southern Zone Champions in the third pool match. Viscount were the Runners Up in Auckland for 2007 when they defeated Tamaki in the still much talked about Semi-Finals in sudden death extra time match (before losing to Henderson in the finals).

In this match Tamaki were desperate to claim a win against Viscount to qualify them for the finals. Having lost to Randwick Park and beaten Mt Roskill it was a do or die game. Tamaki took the lead early in the match before Viscount scored just before half time to even the game. In the second half Viscount showed their class that would see them eventually win the final as they defeated Tamaki 7-28.

This game is the final in the highlights series of Rugby games for 2008. Filmed by Gaifo and Meliame at Point England Reserve on Monday 22nd September.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Term Three Prize Giving

On Thursday 25th September Tamaki Intermediate had their term three prize giving. There were some important awards given, the big news for Room Six was that we captured the ICT achievement award for Victor, and Zecillia and Moli received awards for effort in ICT.

The other big end of term award was the Term Three House Shield. At Tamaki Intermediate students are in one of four houses - Orpheus, Leander, Calliope and Achilles. Students compete every week in Sports Events, have points awarded in classroom for activities and also receive house points for nearly everythind around the school. Orpheus (blue) had won last term and were looking to take a lead into the final term of the year. Could they win a second term in a row? Could another house strike back? Who would be favourites going into Term Four? Watch this video to see...

Filmed by TJ and Victor at Assembly at Tamaki Intermediate, Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday 25th September 2008.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Girls Open Grade Highlights

These are the highlights from the second game of the 2008 Interzone (Auckland Champion of Champions Finals). In this game Tamaki's Open Grade Girls took on Randwick Park School the 2008 Counties/Pukekohe Rugby Champions. It was a close game at half time with a 7 nil lead to Randwick Park. In the second half Lasini scored one of the tries of the season to tie the game up! Could Tamaki win their second game at the Auckland Finals? Well the answer was no as Randwick Park School took the game 21-7. Filmed by Gaifo who proves that no only can she present Samoan videos but she is multi talented as well!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Tongan Lesson 7

In this lesson our Tongan presenters, Josh and Meliame talk about the Tongan Calendar, the months of the year and translate them into English. As with all the lessons in this online series as well as pronouncing the words they appear on screen so you can say them at the same time!
Written by Joshua and Meliame and filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School in September 2008.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tamaki Int. - An apology to Perkiomenville Pennsylvania

Last Week we posted learn to Speak Samoan Lesson 16. In it we identified a number of animals and then translated them into English. Occassionally we make the odd error which is lost in translation! An Gaifo informed me that the Samoan work for snake was wrong, as the person putting it onscreen had written the wrong word - that would be me! Now this has happened before from time to time and I said "no worries" (thats a classic Kiwi saying along the lines of "she'll be right" and "no problems, I'll fix it") and I was going to get around to fixing it overnight. Unfortunatly (this is my teacher disclaimer in full) I got sidetracked (hey its getting towards the end of term and I am very busy) and kind of forgot to do it.

Gaifo saw it again yesterday reminded me and said what if someone learnt it wrong. I said I thought it would be okay just overnight, and I'd fix it today, promise, promise etc.

Lo and behold we had a google search overnight from Perkiomenville Pennsylvanaia searching for Samoan word for Snake! If you did that search and your a student or a teacher we're soooo sorry for misleading you! Our humblest appologies at Tamakitoday! If it was part of a work project please accept our sincerest apoligies! (we'll even apologise to your teacher in person if it was a project!) and if you happen to know anyone from Perkiomenville, Pennsylvanaia (what a cool place name!) whose Samoan or learning Samoan or doing a project on Samoan, Samoa or a project on Snakes... well I think you get the idea...
please let them know theres been a mistake on our part and we'll fix the issue!

Tamaki Int - Learn to Speak Tongan Lesson 6

This Tongan Lesson (number 6 in the series) is hosted by Meliame and Joshua. In it the students talk about various items of stationary that you might used in your classroom, and they say the name for each item in Tongan and then in English. Written and produced by the students themselves and filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tamaki Int - Basketball Highlights

This is part two of the 2008 AIMS Games Basketball Highlights. On day two of competition we had to play Bruce McClaren Intermeidate in the morning and then Te Kura o te Kouto from Rotorua in the afternoon. Tamaki won both games 38-18 and in a gripping nail biting encounter the second 29-28 to keep strong momentum towards the finals... filmed by various students at the Mount Manganui Action Center, Tauranga on September 9th 2008.

Tamaki Int. - Rugby Vs. Mt Roskill Intermediate

These are highlights from Tamaki Intermediates Open Grade Girls first game of the 2008 Auckland Champion of Champion (Interzone) Finals. Played at Point England Reserve, Glen Innes it had Eastern Zone Champions Tamaki Intermediate against Central Zone Champions Mount Roskill Intermediate. Filmed by Gaifo. The score at half time was 21-7 to Tamaki and in the second half Tamaki were able to score two additional tries to take the game 31-7.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Interzone Girls Rugby Union

Today our Girls Rugby Union team finally took the field for the Girls Interzone Rugby Union Tournament. In our first game our Open Grade Girls were able to defeat Mt Roskill Intermediate. Meleana scored twice and there were tries to Katie and Kalisita. In the second game we took on Randwick Park School in a close game Tamaki were trailing 0-7 at half time before Lasini scored to tie the match. Randwick Park then scored three additional tries to take the game 7-28. We had a do or die game against our old friend at Viscount School. Ana grabbed the first try before Viscount equalised again at half time the score was 7-7. Again in the second half Viscount moved away with the game taking it 7-28. That meant the Girls had to play off against Mt Roskill for 3rd/4th in Auckland. The Girls were keen to finish the season with a win and duly delievered. Lesieli scored a brace and Meleana added another to lead 21-7 at half time. In the second half Lasini scored twice, as Tamaki finished the season by winning 35-7. The places the Girls 3rd in Auckland for 2008.

Congratulations to Viscount School who won the final and are Auckland Champions for 2008. Also Randwick Park were deserved runners up for the year.

I'd also like to acknowledge those students who have played Rugby for the School in 2008 (and those two who have played two seasons for the school as Y7's) for those who wont get to wear the jersey again it was a nice way to finish off Tamaki Intermediate Rugby. Meliame ended up stranded on 11 tries for the season leaving her tied with Lumepa from 2007. Lasini was just behind with 10 for the season.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Girls League U55 Semi-Finals

Last Thursday on 18th September our Under 55kg Girls competed in the Auckland Rugby League Under 55kg Interzone Finals. Our Under 55kg team made it to the semi-finals were they played against Henderson Intermediate School. This video show highlights of the match. Filmed by Mereana and Gaifo at ARL Headquarters, Greenlane Auckland. Tamaki is in the light blue and Henderson is in the red. The score was 7-7 at half time! Unfortunately Henderson ran away with it a bit in the second half and won 7-28 but the students were pleased to finish 3rd in Auckland.

Tamaki Intermediate - Girls Rugby Finals

On Monday 22nd September the 2008 Rugby season comes to an end with the final games for the year. Both our Girls Open Grade and Under 55kg Girls Rugby teams are competing in the Auckland Finals. These are taking place at Point England Reserve.

Our Under 55kg Girls are playing at 10:30am against Northcross Intermediate, 12:30pm against Bucklands Beach Intermediate and follow this with either a qualifying semi-final or a final at 1:3opm. Our Girls are guaranteed a top three result which would rank as our Schools best Under 55kg result ever!

Our Open Grade Girls play against Mt Roskill Intermediate at 10:00am, Randwick Park at 11:00am and then against Viscount School at 12:00pm. They then have a final game at 1:45pm which depending on results wil be between 1st and 4th in Auckland.

We would welcome any supporters to the venue on the day, not only will our teams be there but so will some famous Tamakitoday presenters who are playing in the games (I am sure that Zecillia will sign autographs if asked!) and around at the venue on the day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Girls Rugby League Highlights 2008

These are the highlights from our 35-10 win against Henderson Intermediate School at the Auckland Girls Rugby League Finals, game one. Tamaki are playing in the blue/grey jerseys and Henderson Intermediate are playing in the red. Filmed by Mereana and Gaifo. At the end of the clip watch for the massive fend on the Henderson player by the Tamaki 11! This game was played at Cornwall Park, Greenlane, Auckland (New Zealand) on Thursday 18th September 2008.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Interzone Girls League Results

Today at Cornwall Park Tamaki Intermediate Girls took part in the Girls Interzone Rugby League Finals. The Open Grade Girls started off in dominating fashion defeating Henderson Intermediate 35-10. In the second game we were defeated by Viscount School 12-27. In our final game we needed to defeat Otahuhu Intermediate and hope Viscount could defeat Wesley Intermediate. Tamaki delievered defeating Otahuhu 25-0, however Wesley were able to upset Viscount thus eliminating Tamaki. The finals will be contested next week between Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate and Kedgley Intermediate (who defeated us in the 12 a side competition early this term). We wish them both the best of luck. It was a final hit our for our Girls before the Interzone Rugby Union Finals which as you should know are taking place this Monday at Point England Reserve! We'd like as many Tamaki Interemdiate supporters as possible as we take on dangerous opposition - not only Southern Zone Champions Viscount School (who are favourites having suffered a single defeat in the competition since 2000!), but also Waitakere Champions Henderson Intermediate, Central Zone Champions Mt Roskill Intermediate and Counties Champions Randwick Park.

The Under 55kg Girls team managed third at the League - they're due to battle on Monday against Bucklands Beach Intermediate, Henderson Intermediate and Northcross Intermeidate who dominated the Under 55kg Girls Rugby League competition.

As its very much a home final for us we'd like as many supporters as possible to make their way to Point England Reserve. The games kick off at 10:00am. See you there.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Blog Numbers/Update

A dual day of numbers as the tamakitoday blog celebrated its 2,000 visitor yesterday our work on teachertube received its 8,000 view! Well done students! We are thrilled by these numbers!

One of the things that was pointed out to me was in terms of audience how powerful this is. The students have the potential to share their work with thousands of others, in a world wide audience...

This week on Thursday we had our School Volleyball teams competing in the Eastern Zone finals at Waitakere Stadium. The Boys Captained by Bill had a good day overall against some tough opposition. The Girls team defeated Sommerville Intermediate and Farm Cove Intermediate in pool play and made it to the semi-finals. The Girls had to take on Bucklands Beach Intermediate and lost by a single point before being defeated for 3rd/4th by Pakuranga Intermediate School. Well done.

Our Under 55kg Girls and Open Grade Girls compete against the best teams in Auckland at the Interzone Finals tomorrow. They take the field at Cornwall Park in Greenlane from 9:00am.
We will have a team on site to film and have the results tomorrow. We're fielding one of our strongest teams in recent memory in a competition where we've never progress passed the semi-final stage. The weather is forecast to be showers tomorrow but the tournament should be going ahead.

The much delayed 2008 Girls Interzone (Auckland Champion of Champions Finals) will now take place next Monday, September 22nd at Point England Reserve (right next to Point England School). This will consist of the top five Auckland teams at Under 55kg level and Open Grade level. The tournament will run from 10:00am to 2:00pm or so and Tamaki Intermediate are the Eastern Zone representatives by virtue of our Zone win in June. This tournament is the elite competition for Girls Rugby in Auckland and our team will be looking to match our legendary 2004 team who were undefeated on their way to the title!

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Samoan 16

This is lesson 16. This lesson is the Samoan animals lesson, so if you wanted to know the name of any Samoan animals this is the lesson that will tell you. If you need to know the Samoan word for snake, look no further... do they even have snakes in Samoa?

Recorded at Tamaki Intermediate School on Monday 15th September 2008. Written by Zecillia and Gaifo, produced by Zecillia and Gaifo and filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tamaki Int. - AIMS Basketball Highlights

Ceceila produced these brief highlights of last weeks 2008 AIMS Tournament games against Murrays Bay Intermediate, which we lost 12-36 and Bethlehem College which we won 38-23. Filmed by a variety of players in Tauranga at the Mount Manganui Action Center on Monday 8th September 2008.

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Tongan 5

This is lesson five in our series. In this lesson hosts Joshua and Meliame discuss the names of various countries of the world, and how to say the names of these countries in Tongan. They even test you at the end! Filmed by Miss Vailoa written, produced and presented by the students at Tamaki Intermediate on Monday 15th September 2008.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tamaki Int, - Learn to Speak Samoan 15

This is Lesson 15 of our famous Learn to Speak Samoan, our free online Samoan Lessons. Hosted by our dynamic duo of Zecillia and Gaifo. These two are also the Co-Captains of our Girls Volleyball team taking part today in the Eastern Zone Girls Finals. This lesson has all the sports that you'd ever need to imagine listed spoken in Samoan and also with the words in English on screen so that you can follow them along! Written and produced by the students themselves, filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School on Monday 15th September 2008.

Tamaki Int. - Cook Island Photos

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These are some of the highlights from our awesome Cook Island Trip

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tamaki Int. - 2008 AIMS Games Highlights

This footage from the 2008 AIMS tournament Opening Ceremony. There were 2,800 competitors during the week, these are some badly filmed highlights of the opening ceremony. Filmed by Mr Webb, presented by Ceceila, includes the National Anthem and part of the Powhiri. We also had a beat boxer who performed as well. Gives you an idea of how big the tournament was.

Tamaki Int. - Week Nine Preview

Who would have believed it, week nine of term already! Only another week and the school holidays! As we head towards them we still have some significant events happening this week:

Tuesday - Eastern Zone Volleyball. Our School teams make the trip over to Waitakere Stadium for the tournament. Its been a while since Tamaki tasted success in this competition with the last win coming in 2005 when our Girls won it. This year Bill leads our Boys team and our Girls team are co-captained by Zecillia and Gaifo (who you may have heard of). The Girls have to play against Sommerville Intermediate, Farm Cove Intermediate and 2006/7 Eastern Zone Champions Howick Intermediate School. The teams have been preparing nervously for this event and will look to represent our school proudly.

Thursday - Interzone Girls Rugby League. Although the Auckland Rugby Finals have yet to be completed due to four weather postponments this Thursday our teams do battle in the Auckland Rugby League Finals. The teams are the same who did so well in Rugby Union against the top other Auckland teams. A full report of games including footage will be available later in the week.

Plus we also have our regular series of lessons, reports, trips and footage available to you all!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - AIMS Tournament Review

On Friday the Tamaki Intermediate Girls Basketball returned from Tauranga and the AIMS Tournament 2008. The big news from the final day for Tamaki Intermediate was that Lasini our Captain was named in the 2008 Tournament team! This is a huge honour for the player and the team, as this is only the second time that its happened. Lasini also has the U13 Nationals coming in October and we wish her all the best of luck in this competition. We'd also like to congratulate Hastings Intermediate Girls for winning the competition who beat Cobham by a single point in the final. The full results for the tournament are available on the NZAIMS Website, which you can reach by clicking here.

We have a mountain of footage to sort through from the tournament and will do so starting this weekend. We've also got all the regular groups posting again from next week once we return back to school, and also have some exciting events happening this week! (More on this tomorrow).

The other exciting event is that soon Tamakitoday will have its 2,000 visitors to this blog page, in six months were pleased to reach this mark and have visitors from over 30 countries.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tamaki Int. - AIMS Basketball Results Day Three

Tamaki Intermediats day of crunch results happened today. Facing a quater final battle with Tauranga Intermdiate School to qualify for the semi-finals Tamaki produced a strong defensive display that was matched by Tauranga. The game was 11-9 to Tauranga at half time and as late as the fourth quarter the score was only one point in it 13-14. Tauranga used the most of their home ground advantage though to take the game 15-24. Tamaki Intermediate were disappointed by the narrow loss but wish our friends at Tauranga Intermediate all the best for the semi-finals. Having to pick themselves up for a 5th/6th/7th/8th qualifier Tamaki's afternoon game was against one of the other host schools Otumoetai Intermediate. Tamaki were a bit jaded after the narrow loss in the morning and tried hard to pick themselves up. Going into the fourth quarter Tamaki found themselves thirteen points down 15-28. A run of ten unanswered points brought Tamaki right back into the game and it looked like another comeback was on the cards similar to yesterdays game. However it was not be as fouling trouble saw Otumoetai take the game narrowly 30-25. This means that the Tamaki Intermediate Girls now have to play off for 7th/8th tomorrow morning.

As the coach of the team who has worked with these Girls for the last 12 months, none of whom who'd played Basketball before last year, I'd just like to say how thrilled that I have been by their efforts this week. We've missed out on the semi-finals by the narrowest of margins and really could have been there but for a few close calls and the bounce of the ball. The standard of competition at the finals has been huge (much stronger than last year) and the team really has done well to maintain their composure and discipline in some trying circumstances. They have represented Tamaki Intermediate School with honour and pride and Miss Curran and myself are very proud of them.

Tamaki Int. - Learn Maori Lesson 7

In this lesson the presenters, Mereana and Mikeala go through some emotions that you could be feeling depending on how your day is going... they are ably helped out by one of our Tongan presenters Sosaia who is giving an action to go with each emotion in the background. Filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School in Room Six in Week Seven. The key Maori phrases to watch for are:
  • Happy - Koa
  • Sad - Pouri
  • Embarrassed - Whakama
  • Bored or in pain - Hoha
  • Lazy - Mangere
  • Sleepy - He moe
  • Scared - Mataku
  • Tired - Ngenge

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tamaki Int. - AIMS Basketball Results Day Two

Today our team had two games of Basketball at the 2008 AIMS Basketball Tournament. In the first we played Bruce McClaren Intermediate from Waitakere, Auckland. Tamaki started off a little nervously again but were happy to lead 17-6 at half time. In the second half Tamaki pulled away somewhat eventually winning 38-18. Lasini scored another 20 points and was well supported by Meliame with 7 and Latrell with 8.

In the second game we played against Kura te Koutou from Rotorua, who had only lost once. The game couldnt have been any closer. Tamaki were down at half time 7-16. In the third quater we managed to outscore the other team 16 points to 8 - that put us one down going into the final quarter. In the match of the year (for us!) Tamaki managed to have a two point lead going into full time when the Kura had two free throws to force extra time! The first was a brillant throw the second a little to the right! That meant Tamaki Intermediate won 29-28!

This means Tamaki's record at the tournament is now 3-1 their only defeat coming at the hands of Murrays Bay Intermediate. Tomorrow its play off time. To make the semi-finals Tamaki must defeat tournament hosts Tauranga Intermediate School. A win tomorrow would put us into the tournament semi-finals - a defeat means we play off for a place between 5th and 8th! The game is at 11:00am tomorrow and the result will go online afterwards. Footage will be displayed folowing our return to Auckland on Friday.

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Maori 6

In this lesson your hosts Mereana and Mikeala explain the names of different family members in Maori. The key names that you need to listen for are: Tamahine- daughter, Matua - father, Whaea - Mother, tungane - Brother, Tuahine - Sister, Teina - younger sister, Tama - son and Hoa - friend. Listen very carefully to Whaea and the way that the Girls pronounce it because of the sound "wha which phoentically is fa". Filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School as all other videos in this series are.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tamaki Int. - AIMS Basketball Results Day One

Today the long awaited 2008 AIMS Tournament commenced. Tamaki Intermediate Girls Basketball team played against 2006 Champions (and 2008 North Harbour Champions) Murrays Bay Intermediate. The team was a little nervous for their first big game and were defeated 12-36. A little dissapointed they then took on Bethlehem Colege which ended in a win to Tamaki 47-34! Lasini scored 21 points in this game, and that takes our record to 1-1 at these games. Tomorrow we do battle with Bruce McClaren Intermediate and the Kura Kotu from Rotorua (who are undefeated). Two wins in these games will put Tamaki right in the hunt for the semi-finals! Footage will be posted when we return including both video footage and still footage!

Tamaki Int. - Learn Maori 5

Lesson five in our free online Maori lesson series... this lesson concentrates on commands that you could use to with children at home (although I think that teachers could use some of these commands in the classroom too!). This is written and presented by Mikeala and Mereana and was recorded at Tamaki Intermediate School by Victor.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Learn to Speak Samoan 15

Our landmark series of Free Samoan Lessons continues and has now reached the 15th video in the series. In this lesson our presenters Gaifo and Zecillia teach you how to say the Months of the year in Samoan. The names of the months of the year in Samoan are as follows: once you've practised them here then watch the video to hear the pronunciation...
  • January - Ianari
  • February - Fepuari
  • March - Mati
  • April - Aperila
  • May - Me
  • June - Iuni
  • July - Iulai
  • August - Aukuso
  • September - Setema
  • October - Oketopa
  • November - November
  • Christmas - Tilesimasa

Saturday, September 6, 2008

All this week (September 7th-September 12th) Tamakitoday posts will be LIVE from the 2008 AIMS Games. Tamaki Intermediate are competing in this competition in Girls Basketball and will be making posts on site. This will be the best location to watch team reports and game results, we've also got our regular posts (including Learn to Speak Samoan 15!) that will be continuing during this time...

Tamaki Intermediate - Camp Bentzon Animals!

This is our final Camp Video for 2008. One of the special things about Camp Bentzon on Kawau Islands is some of the special animals that they have living there, which we don't find on the North Island of New Zealand. Two of the special animals are Wallabies - which are nocturnal and like a small Kangaroo and Weka's that are the cheeky birds that live on the Island. You can see both in this short video filmed by Sosaia and Victor.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Samoan 14

Continuing our free online series of Samoan Lessons this is lesson 14! In this lesson Gaifo took over the main presenting duties as Zecillia wasn't feeling very well. This lesson is the days of the week in Samoan, if you don't know them you can watch them and listen to them at the same time!

The days that you need to listen to are: Monday - Aso Gafua, Tuesday - Aso Lua, Wednesday Aso - Lulu, Thursday - Aso Tofi, Friday Aso - Faraile, Saturday - Aso toana'ai and Sunday - Asosa. The Girls also thought they'd throw in a couple of weather references so to say its sunny you need to say 'la' and rainy in Samoan is 'timu'. So thats your Samoan Lesson for today!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Science Fair 2008

This is the video of our school science fair. Filmed by Moli, Sosaia and Victor and features for the first time released anywhere one of the gold medalists - Neve!

On 12th September tamakitoday turns six months old. On behalf of the students and staff involved in its production we'd like to thank absolutely everyone who has logged in and left a comment and everyone from New Zealand and overseas who has logged on. The students have been thrilled by the response and feedback. Thanks to all 1,800 of you! Next Friday is also important as it marks the last day of our week long remote broadcast from Tauranga for the 2008 AIMS National Basketball Tournament. The team leaves Sunday and will keep you all updated with our progress...

Tamaki Int. - Science Fair 2008

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Netball Plate Final

Tonight our Tuesday night Netball teams played their final games. The Y8 team played in the plate final against Dio School. The first quarter was 1-5 to Dio, the second quarter it was tied up at 5-5. In the second half could Tamaki make the final in the plate? They could after some positional changes Tamaki stormed to a 27-8 win. This is presented by Moli and Sosaia who both had starring roles. The brillant superb camera work, worthy of an oscar for best film work was by Mr Webb.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Rainbows End Trip

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This was the helpers free trip to Rainbows End - an adventure theme park in Auckland. Our school in association with the Auckland Police funded for students to go to the Park and enjoy the rides. See how many Room Six students that you can see in these photographs! These photographs were taken by Miss Waetford and Miss Samson on Sunday 31st August 2008.