Friday, September 5, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Samoan 14

Continuing our free online series of Samoan Lessons this is lesson 14! In this lesson Gaifo took over the main presenting duties as Zecillia wasn't feeling very well. This lesson is the days of the week in Samoan, if you don't know them you can watch them and listen to them at the same time!

The days that you need to listen to are: Monday - Aso Gafua, Tuesday - Aso Lua, Wednesday Aso - Lulu, Thursday - Aso Tofi, Friday Aso - Faraile, Saturday - Aso toana'ai and Sunday - Asosa. The Girls also thought they'd throw in a couple of weather references so to say its sunny you need to say 'la' and rainy in Samoan is 'timu'. So thats your Samoan Lesson for today!

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spxroom6 said...

FANTASTIC!!! I think that you have spoke really clear and taught alot of people how to say the days of the week in Samoan. Well done!

Yours Faithfully