Monday, June 30, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Rugby Update Week Nine

Unfortunatly as we'd predicted early this week the rain that we'd been worried about since last week (last week its rained everyday with Monday being the clear day) forced the cancellation of the Girls Auckland Rugby Finals. We couldnt even manage the saving day because the fields will still be closed then... Next term we'll be rescheduling the Rugby Union for the first week back after the holidays (which start on Friday)... plus this is the last week for Zecillia... those of you who have been enjoying the 'Learn to Speak Samoan Video's' will be sad to learn that Zecillia who presents the videos is moving at the end of the week!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Nine

The last week of term before New Zealand students have their term two holidays from 4th July until the 18th of July. These are some of the scheduled highlights for the last week of term...

Tuesday. This is the days our Open Grade Girls and Under 55kg Girls are to be competing in the Auckland Champion of Champions Rugby Union Finals. Whats more R6 are running the entire event. Unfortunatly we've had one of the biggest storms in a long time nation wide for the past seven days, although there's no scheduled rain for Tuesday the fields are currently under water (literally with surface water I checked them out myself on Sunday) and there is a good chance that the council may close the grounds meaning we'd have to postpone the tournament until Thursday or possibly even cancel it altogether (as the Boys Auckland finals were). We'll update this event by lunchtime Monday when a decision will have to be made, fingers crossed everyone!

Our School Netball teams continue their progress in the Tuesday night Netball competitions. We'll have a report from Moli live at the event this week.

Thursday. Our Girls Basketball team take on Sylvia Park School Mixed team in their final game of the term. The Girls are continuing to build towards the huge event for the year which is the AIMS tournament. This is the National Finals and Tamaki will be one of 13 teams competing for the honour. If you want more information on this tournament you can check out the tournament webpage on Also on Thursday our Cook Island trip have thier fundraising night at the School, with the Quiz night competition.

Friday. Half way through the school year as its the end of the term. We have the End of Term Assembly, the presentation of the School House Shield to the best House for Term Two, combined House Sports for Y7/Y8, followed off by a final assembly at 2:30pm!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Zubair Investigates: Tuck Shop

Zubair Investigates: The Tuck Shop
Im really proud of all the students involved in this one.

Last week in class R6 had a brainstorming session where we were looking at filming ideas for the end of term. As a teacher I thought that we might get some ideas but I was blown away by the quality of the ideas and how much we've improved since the start of the year!

Zubair and Vincent came up with a great idea.

A couple of weeks ago we covered in current events the new school tuck shop regulations that apply throughout New Zealand. Zubair said we should relate that to our Tuckshop and interview Jenny our tuckshop lady! What an awesome idea!

This is a pretty big issue at our school as our students generally dont eat healthy meals. We have a situation now (which you can clearly see in the interview) where the menu has changed considerably. Pies for instance can only be sold once every two weeks! Chips once a fortnight! This is a big chance for us, the students and the staff! Zubair hasnt interviewed before but I am really pleased with the effort and I think our viewers will find this interesting! Next week we will make a posting or a slideshow explaining the new menu and the restrictions that are now in place. There are also some secondary issues that need to be addressed. If you can't buy chips at school except once a fortnight, what about the bakery and the dairy immediately across the road from school? This is one of the issues that has really got our students thinking.

I think this is an issue that we will be addressing as on ongoing one. Congratulations to the students who were involved in filming the interview and we also have to thank Jenny for agreeing to be interviewed about this issue. Well done Zubair, Vincent and Evandah. It would be interesting to compare our situation with other schools in New Zealand and other schools internationally.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Eight Update

This Friday's Open Grade Girls game against Kedley Intermediate had to be cancelled due to the threat of thunder, lightning and hail. The teams and the school are nervously looking towards next Tuesday when the Auckland Champion of Champions finals are scheduled to be occurring. We've had bucket loads of rain this week. Already the Boys Auckland Finals have been cancelled. We'll keep you posted. The Girls Basketball team went down to St Kents 'A' who maintained their unbeaten run in the competition beatin Tamaki's Girls 18-60. The Girls record now stands at 4-2 and they take on the Sylvia Park team in the final game of the term on Thursday.

Next week we've got a huge day Tuesday with the Rugby, not only does Tamaki have two teams in the final, Tamaki and Room Six are running the entire event! There are going to be something in the region of 300 students and its going to be a huge day!

Although its the final week of school we've got continuing posts in the Samoan series, Tongan series, and of course the sports updates. We've got Zubairs new current events show which will post tomorrow, and lots more to come!

Tamaki Int. APPA Choir Rehearsal

Footage of the APPA Choir Practice at Tamaki Intermediate Thursday 26th June 2008.
The schools involved are Somerville Intermeidate, Howick Intermediate, St Marks, Stanhope Road School, Howick Primary and Tamaki Intermediate. They are practising for the end of year festival at the Auckland Town Hall. Mikeala filmed this, it was edited by Sosaia and Victor and Sosaia conducted an interview with Maria Winder, the conductor afterwards.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Y8 House Sports

Y8 House Sports
Each Wednesday afternoon at Tamaki Intermediate School the four houses that all students are members of compete in competitions for their houses.

Calliope, Achilles, Leander and Orpheus are the four houses that we have at Tamaki Intermediate School, that all students are members of.

Every Wednesday the Y8 students compete in events.

On June 25th and Moli and Gaifo were there to guide youthrough it. Camera work was by Evandah and Victor.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Basketball Vs. Pakuranga June 19

Footage of Tamaki Intermediate Basketball game against Pakuranga Intermediate on June 19th at Lagoon Stadium, Panmure. Edited by Victor, Commentary is by tamakitodays basketball correspondant Cecilia.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Eastern Zone Finals 2008

The video in this game is the Eastern Zone Girls final for 2008. It couldnt have been anything less than the two best teams in the competition playing off against each other. In pool play Howick Intermediate had handed out to Tamaki Intermediate their first defeat in eight years! Howick's defence had been superb! In the final Tamaki was looking for a chance to seek revenge and claim their six consecutive Eastern Zone Girls Open Grade Title... at stake was a place in the Auckland Finals on July 1st as Champion. Could Howick defeat the title favourites? Could Tamaki turn arond the form and defeat Howick? This was filmed on June 17th at Dunkirk Reserve in Panmure by Evandah, Victor and Alex. Edited by Victor and commentary for the game was by Lucy, Tamakis fullback and Meliame Tamaki's Captain. Best game of the year.

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Samoan 5

This video is the 100% proper and correct Learn to Speak Samoan Lesson Five. In this lesson Zecillia and Gaifo teach you how to count from 1-20 in Samoan. Filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School by the students with assistance from Miss Vailoa.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Blog Numbers

One of my favourite other Auckland Blogs is the Miss Signals EPS Blog. They've just celebrated 500 hits on their blog, and if you haven't checked out their blog you need to do so from our blogroll immediately!

That got me thinking about our numbers.
As of today we've had a total of 820 visitors to this page in three and a half months. We've also as most of you know got material thats on a number of video sites, teachertube being the main one. Our videos on teachertube have just clocked over 2,500 views. The most popular are the Samoan videos with 'Learn to Speak Samoan Lesson 2' just reaching 600 views. We also have footage on sites like graspr and youtube.

I really think that the best is yet to come from us in terms of footage and viewers. If you think about how far Room Six has come in terms of postings, material and the learning curve then all of you are doing really well... keep up the good work Room Six.

Tamaki Int. - Week Eigth Update, Term 2.

This week at Tamaki Intermediate School...
Thursday: The Girls Basketball team have a 4-1 record going into competition against the unbeaten St Kentigern College 'A'. This will be a tough game against one of the top teams in the competition. In the last two games Tamaki's Girls are averaging 71.5 points but St Kents are setting the pace in the competition... their defence has been superb and they have some of the most dangerous attacking players in the competition...only one team can win! We will have a full report on Thursday, including highlights...
Friday: In our final game before the Auckland Finals we host Kedgley Intermediate School Friday lunchtime. This is the Open Grade Girls last guarnteed home game of 2008 and the team will be looking for a good performance before the Auckland finals. We'll have the highlights online late in the week.

Those of you following our 'Learn to Speak Samoan Videos' will have checked out Video 5 - we'll its not often that Mr Webb makes a mistake but its happened for the first time in 2008! The 'real; video 5 will be posted online tomorrow. The out-take video thats online is the wrong one! Occassionally we have a few technical errors but there's been a tape switchero, and once Im back at school on Monday all will be fixed up.

In Week Nine of School of School (thats Tuesday 1st July 2008) Tamaki Intermediate have a huge event where our School and Room Six are hosting the Auckland Girls Champion of Champions Finals! Most of our class will be there for the day helping run this event which will have the top eight Girls Rugby teams in Auckland at both Under 55kg and Open Grade level. There will be something in the region of 300 students... a huge event that we'll have full footage of on tamakitoday.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tamaki Int. Learn to Speak Tongan 1

The first in our new series. Learn to speak Tongan. Presented by Sosaia. Written edited and produced by Sosaia. Recorded Friday 20th June 2008.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Samoan Lesson 5

This was suppossed to be lesson 5, but if you view it you will see the team were having some difficulty with their presentation! The Girls were suppossed to be counting to 20 but they could only manage it to six! If you think filming for a blog is easy think again! This is best suited for younger viewers who want to learn some basic counting! Filmed by Sosaia and presented by Zecillia, Gaifo and a 'fake' Gaifo...

Tamaki Int. - Basketball 19th June

Girls Basketball - Another recording breaking win for Tamaki. Follwing last weeks success this evening Tamaki defeated Pakuranga Intermediates 'White' 64-18. Three players hit double figures with Santana and Mii scoring ten points each. Latrell scored an impressive 8 while a certain Lasini managed another 37. Meleane scored 2, Patricia added three points, Kathy and Cecila added a basket each.

Next week will be crunch time when the Girls take on the undefeated St Kentigerns College A Boys team! We have footage of the game this evening and will post it online later in the week.

Tamaki Int. - Rugby Vs. St Pius Eastern Zone

On Tuesday 17th June Tamaki Intermediate faced off against St Pius X School in the semi-finals of the Girls Open Grade competition. Tamaki were still recovering from losing to Howick in pool play and the two sides had met in the previous week in a friendly were St Pius had been in the lead for three quarters of the match... The first half couldn't have been closer with both sides scoring and the score being 7-5. Could Tamaki defeat St Pius and make it to the final against the waiting and undefeated Howick? Could St Pius make their first Eastern Zone Finals? All will be revealed when you watch this short clip!

This was filmed by the tamakitoday crew: Evandah, Victor and Alex. Commentary for the game is supplied by Meliame and Lucy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Open Grade Vs. Somerville

Highlights from Tamaki Intermediate's Open Grade Girls first game of 2008 at the Eastern Zone Finals. These took place at Dunkirk Reserve, Panmure - Auckland, New Zealand on Tuesday 17th June 2008.

In the Opening Game Tamaki had to play against Somerville Intermediate. This was filmed by the tamakitoday crew: Victor, Alex and Evandah. Both teams were nervous playing their opening games of the finals and their was some light rain. Conditions would make playing rugby difficult but everyone was keen.

Tamaki Int. - Girls Under 55kg Rugby Vs. BBI

Highlights of our Under 55kg Girls against BBI in the finals of the Girls Eastern Zone Rugby Tournament. The games took place at Dunkirk Reserve, Panmure Auckland, New Zealand on Tuesday 17th June 2008. The game was part of a series on the day filmed by Victor, Alex and Evandah. There is no commentary for the game although game details are in the match.

Cecilia scored three tries in this game and converted two of them to score Tamaki's entire 19 point haul! This was our first win at the Eastern Zone Finals for 2008, and a huge step towards the finals.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week Seven - Eastern Zone Rugby Results

From a soggy Dunkirk Road in Panmure, these results were just in today. The Under 55kg Girls defeated BBI 3-0 in thier best of three series of games. They won the first game 19-5 with Cecilia scoring three tries and converting two. In the second game Tamaki triumphed again with Cecilia scoring both tries. The final game saw Mii score a double as Tamaki again proved they had the class. The Girls take the title for the first time since 2006! Well done to the team who now advance to the Auckland finals in week nine...

The Open Grade Girls had been playing strongly all season. They defeated Somerville Intermediate 26-0 to start with. Elizabeth, Ana, Meliame and Kathy scored tries.

In their second game they were defeated by an awesome Howick Intermediate team 0-5. This was our first loss in this competition in eight years! Howick deserved their win with some superb defending that really shook the Tamaki Girls! We needed to pick ourselves up against St Pius X School. Lasini answered the call with a hat trick, and Kathy scored again, we won 26-0. Because of that we qualified against St Pius X in the semi-finals. It was close at half time with the score 7-5 to Tamaki. However Tamaki Scored four tries in the second half winning 27-5.

The brought us into the final against Howick again, who'd beaten us in pool play. This time Tamaki was out for revenge and gained it winning 17-0. That makes the Open Grade Girls the 2008 Eastern Zone Champions! They now play in the Auckland Champion of Champions Finals on Tuesday 1st July at Dunkirk!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tamaki Int, - Week Seven

This week:
Tuesday: Our Open Grade Girls and Under 55kg Girls Rugby Union teams have their big Eastern Zone field Days. The Girls are undefeated to this point, and the Open teams were last defeated in this competition in June 2000! The Open Girls take on Sommerville Intermediate, St Pius X School and Howick Intermediate. The Girls have a tough task taking on the Auckland runners up in the shape of Bucklands Beach Intermediate. The results will be online Tuesday and footage from Wednesday onwards.

Our school has a special assembly in the afternoon with Norm Hewitt as the special guest.

Our Girls Basketball team is now 3-1 following their record breaking win over Sylvia Park School last Thursday. They now have to take on Pakuranga Intermediate (Boys) team.

This week in Room Six.
Complusory task! All students this week have to go to one of our associate blog sites, find a piece of work and comment on that piece of work. The blog must be a Auckland blog and it must be listed from within the pages of our blog. There will be a checklist on the wall for this activity and the comment must be verified by Mr Webb. There are some awesome sites to check out like Room12's Blog at Bayfield Primary School or Miss Signals EPS blog!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Girls Rugby 13th June

Today our Open Grade Girls hosted Howick Intermediate School in our last warm up game before next weeks Girls Open Grade Rugby Union Finals. Tamaki started the match in a very positive manner with Captain Christine scoring within the first few minutes. This was followed by trys to Lasini and Kathy. A perfect kicking display from number eight Liseili saw the half time score to 21-0 to Tamaki.

In the second half Howick managed to score first however there were additional tries to Meleane and Cecila, the Under 55kg Captain filling in at full back. The final score was 31-5 to Tamaki Intermediate as the Girls undefeated run for 2008 continues! We'll have the Tamakitoday commentary team put the magical dust onto the footage on Monday and it will be available here exclusively at tamakitoday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Samoan Lesson 4

Learn to Speak Samoan - Lesson Four.

In this lesson Gaifo and Zecillia teach you some phrases and sentences that you could use when talking with your fellow students at school! This video is not too long but beware, when the Girls speak in Samoan it is very fast! So fast that not all the subtitles can be fitted in! Written and produced by the Girls themselves and filmed by Miss Vailoa. The bell that is rung in the video is a genuine Waikato Cowbell supplied by Mr Webb.

Tamaki Int, - Girls Basketball vs. Sylvia Park

A historic Result for Tamaki Intermediate Girls Basketball team tonight! Following last weeks first defeat to BBI Tamaki's Girls were looking for a top result against Sylvia Park School 'A' team and they got winning 77-12!

The Girls delivered with a stunning first half performance taking the lead 35-4. In the second half the team simply powered away with the game. Lasini scored an amazing 42 points. This is the best individual score by a Tamaki Intermediate player, ever!

Its sent us scouring through the record books to find a better score - and we can't! In the past 12 years the nearest was Rivilana from 2006 with 29 points, Te Rama (the school magazine) here we come! In a evening when individual records fell the Girls also scored the schools single biggest win ever by the school, had a the biggest lead at half time ever (31 points), biggest ever winning margin (65 points)...

Congratulations to all the Girls in the team including Latrell who scored 14, Mii who scored 6, Cecila, Santana and Patricia who all bagged four points each. They were also supported by Maggie, Meleane and Kathy.

These are the higlights filmed by Meliame, presented by Cecilia and their were two 'interviews' at the end of the match involving Santana and Cecilia .

Tamaki Int. - Girls Rugby St Pius Part 2

This is the second half of the Tuesday 10th June game against St Pius X. Tamaki's Open Grade Girls (in Blue) were undefeated to this point and St Pius X (red) had taken an early lead to take the first half 12-10. Tamaki would need a strong performance second half to come back from this. The second half was filmed by Soana and the game took place at Sacred Heart College.
Commentary for this game is from Victor, Meliame and Lucy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Girls Rugby 9th June

This afternoon our Open Grade Girls Rugby team faced their sternest test of the year so far when they took on St Pius X School at Sacred Heart School. St Pius X started in dominating fashion with two early tries for a 12-0 lead. Lasini then took control of the game from the mid field and was able to score two tries before half time. That meant that St Pius took the half time lead 12-10. Could Tamaki come back in the second half? Could St Pius maintain pressure on Tamaki and hand them their first defeat of the season? In a special two part post we'll have both halves of this dramatic game with commentary from Victor and Lucy. The game was filmed by Annie R14 with commentary provided by Victor and Lucy from Room Six.

Tamaki Int. - Krumping at Y8 Assembly

On Monday 9th June R14 ran the Y8 syndicate assembly. Amongst the awesome work and items we had Moses and Nathan perform. Here are the highlights. We were very lucky that this was filmed by Mr Munick from Triangle TV/Tamaki Today.

Tamaki Int. - Tongan Girls Dance

We were very lucky this week to have R14 run the Y8 syndicate assembly. There were some awesome work on display and the assembly also included Makeleta performing a stunning Tongan dance. This video is the highlights of that performance. This video was filmed for us by Mr Munick from the Triangle TV/Tamaki Today program.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Six, Term Two.

Tuesday - School Speech Finals take place in the School hall at 10:45am. Anna Louise, Nive and our own Lucy from Room Six are representing the Y8 students. In addition to these students the three top placed Y7 students will be competing for the School speech title. We'll post the highlights as soon as we can.

In the afternoon our Girls Open Grade team travel to Sacred Heart College to do battle with our friends from St Pius X School. Kick off for this friendly game is 1:30pm. Highlights will be available online the following day.

Thursday - Tamaki Intermediate hosts Howick Intermediate School's Open Grade Girls team at lunchtime in a friendly game as part of the build up for the Eastern Zone finals (coming next week). The Under 45/55kg Boys teams travel to St Kentigerns College to compete in the Eastern Zone Boys Finals. Finally the Girls Basketball team look to bounce back from their defeat to Bucklands Beach Intermediate when they do battle with the Sylvia Park School 'A' team at Lagoon Stadium. All of which will be posted here on tamakitoday!

Tamaki Int. - Boys Rugby Eastern 4

This is the final part of our highlights of last weeks Eastern Zone Boys Open Grade Rugby Finals. After defeat against Howick Intermediate in the Semi-Finals our Boys had to play against Pakuranga Intermediate School for 3rd/4th. In pool play Pakuranga had managed a 14-0 win with convincing forward work and excellent attacking from the backs. This time the score was 5-31 to Pakuranga, although it was close at half time, Pakuranga ran away with it in the second half, scoring a series of long range tries.

Filmed by Josh P, Sosaia and Moli as with all other footage from this tournament filmed at Dunkirk Reserve, East Tamaki on Wednesday 4th June 2008.

Tamaki Int. - Boys Rugby Eastern Zone 3

After first winning 31-14 against the Ellerslie/Panmure team, our Open Grade Boys then suffered consecutive losses to Pakuranga (0-14) and then Remuera (5-31). This meant that they qualified for the Eastern Zone Semi-Finals but had to play against the number one qualifiers Howick Intermediate School. These are the highlights from the match presented by Sosaia and filmed by Moli, Sosaia and Josh P. Like all footage from the day this was filmed at Dunkirk Reserve in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday 4th June, 2008.

Tamaki Int. - Boys Rugby Eastern Zone 2

After securing their first win of the season against the Ellerslie/Panmure team in the second game of the Eastern Zone Finals Tamaki's Open Grade Boys took on Pakuranga Intermediate School. Pakuranga scored what has to be one of the season when their full back runs nearly the full 100m, you really need to check that out. Could Tamaki stage a comeback like their first game? Could Pakuranga hold out? Tamaki's forwards had dominated the Ellerslie/Panmure pack but could they back it up... all this answered in this video!

Filmed by Sosaia, Joshua P and Moli. Moli also interviewed Ricky after the game, and he reveals the tournament results to this point. As with all Eastern Zone footage this is filmed at Dunkirk Reserve in Panmure, on Wednesday 4th June 2008.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Boys Rugby Eastern Zone

Highlights from Tamaki Intermediate opening game of the Eastern Zone finals on Wednesday 4th June 2008.

Tamaki started the tournament against Bailey Road/Stanhope Road (also know as the Ellerslie/Panmure cluster). Tamaki's Boys were looking for thier first win of the season and wanted to make a statement in the opening game. Filmed by Josh P, Sosaia P and Moli, Moli also interviews Tamaki's Captain Alex after the game. Could Tamaki start the tournament in the best possible way?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Week 5 Update

Congratulations need to go to Remuera Intermediate and Howick Intermediate Open Grade Boys who fought out one of the closest contested Eastern Zone Finals in memory when a 12-all draw was won by Howick who had scored early in the first half. Pakuranga defeated Tamaki Intermediate in the 3rd/4th play off. We are working out way through the highlights, and will begin the first post of these on Friday.

Tonight out Girls took on the undefeated BBI Girls Basketball. BBI proved why they are one of the favourites to win the league in a devastating first half they took an amazing 38-6 lead. Tamaki were able to control things better in the second half with the final score being 54-16. Tamaki's leading scorer of the year Lasini was shut down by impressive BBI defence who managed to restrict her to 4 points. Maggie scored 6, Patricia 4 and Meliame scored her first basket of 2008. The team will be looking back to bounce back with a game against Sylvia Park 'A' team next week.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Boys Rugby Schedule 4th June

On Wednesday 4th June our Boys Open Grade team will be playing a series of games throughout the day at Dunkirk Reserve, Panmure.

The Boys kick off at 9:45am against the Bailey Road/Stanhope Road combination team, following that up with pool play/grading games against Pakuranga Intermediate at 10:40am and finally Remuera Intermediate at 11:35am.

All going well the team should make the semi-finals which take place at 12:45pm followed by the 3rd/4th play off and the finals at 1:45pm.

While the team has found the friendly games against two of the teams that we have to play on Wednesday tough going, Alex and Takavaha (the co-captains) are confident of securing some good results, and who knows, the team may emulate the teams from 2004 and 2006 who took the title! It goes without saying that the highlights, results and tournament information will all be aired here as soon as possible!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Five, Term 2.

This week at school:

Monday: This is Queens Birthday, its a public Holiday throughout New Zealand so no-one will be at school!

Tuesday: Y8 Speech Finals in the Hall. Congratulations and good luck to Lucy and Zubair who are representing Room Six at the finals. We'll be posting the highlights online later in the week.

The Boys Open Grade Rugby Union Finals. A huge day for our school as our Boys Open Grade team attempt to reclaim the title that we last held in 2006. A important full day of games competing against other teams in the competition - Remuera Intermeidate, Pakuranga Intermediate, Howick Intermediate and the Bailey Road/Stanhope Road Combination team. Having already had friendly games against Howick and Remuera in the past few weeks the team will need to step up for the finals. No more friendly games! The teams forwards have looked dominating this term but the backs need to fire on the finals day against some class opposition.
The Girls Open Grade team are next scheduled to play against St Pius X School in a friendly at Sacred Heart College on June 10th. They will then put their undefeated record on the line at the Eastern Zone finals on June 17th.

Thursday - having secured two wins in a row against Boys teams the Girls Basketball team will really have to step up against the form team of the Thursday night competition, the BBI Girls team. They were runners up at last years Eastern Zone Finals and have played some impressive quality Basketball. Tamaki also get to welcome back the only remaining player from the team that placed 4th at last years Nationals, Meliame.