Friday, June 20, 2008

Tamaki Int. Learn to Speak Tongan 1

The first in our new series. Learn to speak Tongan. Presented by Sosaia. Written edited and produced by Sosaia. Recorded Friday 20th June 2008.


Mrs Gleeson said...

Thank you Sosaia for sharing your Tongan language with me. It is quite hard but I will keep trying. Well done!
Mrs Gleeson

Manaiakalani said...

Sosaia you are a star! I love this episode of Tamaki Today. I played your lesson to a large crowd of teachers at a conference in Wellington this week and they loved you. They all tried hard to say the phrases you taught them on your movie and at the end they gave you a big clap!
I really like the way you talked to us as if we were in the same room as you. It made it feel so real.
Keep up this good work because you have so much talent.
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Maloelelei Sosaia, I live in Sydney, Australia but originally come from NZ. I am of Tongan descent but did not grow up with the language. In searching for a good place to start I came across Lesson 1 with you...I agree with the previous comments, you are a star! It's really hard to be a Tongan who doesn't know how to speak their own language - but thanks to you I feel a little more confident to explore my options and learn more. If school permits, I would love to follow your lessons and hopefully progress in my dream of feeling like a true Tongan (instead of only half of one). You alone have inspired me to press on - thank you.

Happy New Year & I wish you every success for your future.
Joy Kahotea (aka Fine, my Tongan name)