Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Zubair Investigates: Tuck Shop

Zubair Investigates: The Tuck Shop
Im really proud of all the students involved in this one.

Last week in class R6 had a brainstorming session where we were looking at filming ideas for the end of term. As a teacher I thought that we might get some ideas but I was blown away by the quality of the ideas and how much we've improved since the start of the year!

Zubair and Vincent came up with a great idea.

A couple of weeks ago we covered in current events the new school tuck shop regulations that apply throughout New Zealand. Zubair said we should relate that to our Tuckshop and interview Jenny our tuckshop lady! What an awesome idea!

This is a pretty big issue at our school as our students generally dont eat healthy meals. We have a situation now (which you can clearly see in the interview) where the menu has changed considerably. Pies for instance can only be sold once every two weeks! Chips once a fortnight! This is a big chance for us, the students and the staff! Zubair hasnt interviewed before but I am really pleased with the effort and I think our viewers will find this interesting! Next week we will make a posting or a slideshow explaining the new menu and the restrictions that are now in place. There are also some secondary issues that need to be addressed. If you can't buy chips at school except once a fortnight, what about the bakery and the dairy immediately across the road from school? This is one of the issues that has really got our students thinking.

I think this is an issue that we will be addressing as on ongoing one. Congratulations to the students who were involved in filming the interview and we also have to thank Jenny for agreeing to be interviewed about this issue. Well done Zubair, Vincent and Evandah. It would be interesting to compare our situation with other schools in New Zealand and other schools internationally.

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