Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Tongan Girls Dance

We were very lucky this week to have R14 run the Y8 syndicate assembly. There were some awesome work on display and the assembly also included Makeleta performing a stunning Tongan dance. This video is the highlights of that performance. This video was filmed for us by Mr Munick from the Triangle TV/Tamaki Today program.


Hepisipa said...

faka'ofo'ofa fo'i ta'ahine ko Makeleta, toe pe ke malimali. Fola haka ai ke 'aho. fakarata ta'ahine Tonga.

Anonymous said...

Ana you just look so pretty right there in the beautiful tongan costume. and this would be great for the cook Island fundraising.I hope your family is proud of you.

joshua room 6