Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tamaki Int, - Girls Basketball vs. Sylvia Park

A historic Result for Tamaki Intermediate Girls Basketball team tonight! Following last weeks first defeat to BBI Tamaki's Girls were looking for a top result against Sylvia Park School 'A' team and they got winning 77-12!

The Girls delivered with a stunning first half performance taking the lead 35-4. In the second half the team simply powered away with the game. Lasini scored an amazing 42 points. This is the best individual score by a Tamaki Intermediate player, ever!

Its sent us scouring through the record books to find a better score - and we can't! In the past 12 years the nearest was Rivilana from 2006 with 29 points, Te Rama (the school magazine) here we come! In a evening when individual records fell the Girls also scored the schools single biggest win ever by the school, had a the biggest lead at half time ever (31 points), biggest ever winning margin (65 points)...

Congratulations to all the Girls in the team including Latrell who scored 14, Mii who scored 6, Cecila, Santana and Patricia who all bagged four points each. They were also supported by Maggie, Meleane and Kathy.

These are the higlights filmed by Meliame, presented by Cecilia and their were two 'interviews' at the end of the match involving Santana and Cecilia .

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