Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Seven Preview/Teacher Tube

This week at Tamaki Intermediate we've a number of features: Wednesday the Science Fair goes ahead in the School Hall, the Science Fair is also available to visitors in the evening from 4pm-6pm. This is also the final week at school before we have the AIMS 2008 National Sports tournament. The team has their final training runs this week, before leaving for Tauranga on Sunday. All next week we will be posting live from the event as the team attempts to better last years fourth place. Each night after competition we will be posting footage and results online so this is literally one of the best places to keep up to date with information. The team is a little nervous as the tournament date finally approaches after well over a years preparation. By this time next week the team will be in transit to the tournament!

evening the students who have been on the Cook Islands Trip return, they're expected back on School Thursday (and we've been excited to see the traffic that's been coming on this site from the Cook Islands while they've been there!). We're expecting that Miss Valoa, Miss Whalley and everyone brings backs plenty of photographs, videos and material for us to post online, which we will do as soon as it becomes available.

Teacher Tube
Our 'views' on teacher tube has now moved over 7,000 and another thousand or so viewers watch every week and a half or so. We're all very proud of these figures and the numbers that our students have achieved. A special occassion was reached at the end of last week when 'Learn to Speak Samoan 2' went over 1,000 views! In all our Samoan Language tutorials is heading towards 3,000 views which is fantastic for the students! Mr Webb even went out of his way and made a cake for the students involved (yes really...)

Finally this week I'd like to acknowledge the efforts of the Waikato Air New Zealand Cup team who have struggled so far this season! Im sure there's a lesson in there for the students about not giving up, keeping on putting the effort in and getting results in the end. What a mighty victory on Saturday night as the team now races for the quarter finals!

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Fijian 1

This is the first series in our new lessons - Learn to Speak Fijian 101 - our new series of free online Fijian lessons. These series of lessons are being hosted by Leilani and Moli from Tamaki Intermediate School. In our first introductory lesson we cover saying hello, goodbye and asking how your day went - exactly what you'd ask someone from Fiji if you first met them! Produced by the students and recorded at school on Friday 29th August.

Disclaimer! This is the corrected version! With the error replaced!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Samoan 12

Could it be? Yes it is, after a short break we're up to Learn to Speak Samoan Lesson 12! This lesson was also a celebration of Zecillia and Gaifo getting over 1,000 views for a single video file on Teachertube! They're the first Room Six students to achieve this feat and their work continues to be our most popular! In this video the cake was cooked by Mr Webb to celebrate the views (more on this tomorrow...) The key phrase from this video is:
  • Au Mai le keke faamolemole
  • "Pass me the cake please"
You will here this in the video several times, remember to say it along with the students when the phrase appears onscreen! Once you've mastered that you need to practise the other two important phrases from the video: This Cake is Nice - Manala Ia le keke. The final phrase is Can you cut me the cake please? - E mafai ga e gofo e kipi mai so keke faamolemole. So next time your asking for Cake or food in Samoan you'll know exactly what to say! Filmed by Moli, Sabrina and Cecelia. Written, presented and produced by Gaifo and Zecillia.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cross Country 2008

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Samoan Solo Dance

This is the final video from the awesome performance... this is the awesome Samoan Solo Dance. Not only are our students in the Cook Islands learing about the culture of the islands they are also sharing their own culture with the places and people that they are visiting. Filmed on August 25th at the Tamaki Intermediate School Hall.

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Tamaki Int. - Check these other blogs out

If you only do one thing today check out these two blogS!

Miss S at EPS School has been one of our biggest supporters here at tamakitoday since we first started. They've got a great blog on her class site that is updated regularly with lots of interesting work. They have nearly reached the magic mark of 1,000 visits. Thier address is on our side bar or you can go directly to the blog at:

The other blog that I would encourage everyone to check out is Tanielu from Point England School. The students in Room 15 from Point England School all have individual blogs, one of the best in my opinion is Tanielu's Olympic Blog. It really is an experience worth checking out! Visit his blog at:

Lets go Room Six...

Tamaki Int. - Cook Island Dancing

This is the Girls group solo from our Schools Cook Island Dance Performance. This is, as with all others, filmed at School on Monday 25th August at Tamaki Intermediate in Panmure, Auckland. It was filmed by Victor. The students are currently in the Cook Islands on this trip.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Cook Island Dance 3

This is one of the mass group items from the Cook Island farewell performance, given by our School group on the eve of their departure for the Cook Islands. From our School Hall on Monday 25th August 2008. Filmed by Victor. Our students are spending a week in the Cook Islands visiting places of cultural interest and learning about the cultures of the Islands. Last year we sent school trips to Samoa and Tonga. Our students performed a farewell, and have been practising their cultural items for a long time in preparation for the trip! You can watch our Mass Item that was performed on Monday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Cook Island Dance 2

Our last item from the School Cook Island Farewell performance was the drum dance involving staff and students. In this video each of the dances choose one of the auidence members to dance with, you can check out our students moves! This was filmed in our school hall on Monday 25th August 2008 by Victor. The Cook Island Group are away for a week visiting the Islands on an educational trip.

Tamaki Int. - Cook Island Dance

Farewell to our Cook Island Group - they are travelling as we speak to the Cook Islands for a School trip. They farewelled our School with an amazing performance in the Hall on Monday 25th August. This is the highlights of the drum dance involving members of the auidence - the teachers. Each of the dancers choose a member of the auidence to dance with and you can check out our teachers efforts!. Filmed by Victor. Recorded on Monday 25th August 2008 at our school hall.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Camp Bentzon Slideshow

Camp Bentzon 2008
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: school camp)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Six Preview

This week at Tamaki Intermediate School...
Monday. Our school Cross Country is taking place at 9:45am weather permitting. Students are being selected for the school team Tuesday. At 11:45am in the School Hall the Cook Islands Group are making a farewell performance to the whole school. We'll post the highlights online.
Tuesday: The Eastern Zone Cross Country Competition takes place (weather permitting). Students will be competing against students from the other 35 Eastern Zone School as they run for glory. Our Cook Island students depart on their trip to the Islands, scheduled to return next week.
Thursday: Although we have no Basketball teams competing any more following the conclusion of last weeks competition the 2008 AIMS Games are now two short weeks away were we'll be taking on 11 other New Zealand Schools for a shot of national glory! Our School Science Fair will be taking place in the School hall with the public viewing from 4pm-6pm in the Hall.
ALSO THIS WEEK.... new learn to Speak Samoan Lessons, Maori Lessons and Tongan Lessons, plus the usual features from our students...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tamaki Int- Blog Update

If there's a few less postings online until next week there's a good reason why!
If anyone is offered a Tamaki Intermediate School Laptop cheap, including video tapes of the school performances, camp footage and Samoan languages then please let us know... unfortunately Mr Webb's had a burglary and some enterprising individual has helped themselves to our school property... hopefully we'll be able to recover the footage and post online later, as well as replace/re film the footage that's been lost... but please bear with us...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Barbarians Rugby Update

Just in today... footage available tomorrow... our Boys bowed out of the Barbarians Rugby 12 a side Knock Out Rugby being defeated by an awesome Kedgley Intermediate School... the score was 70 nil! Our Girls also exited the competition, but in much more dramatic fashion. In appalling conditions the score at halftime was 10-10 with Kedgleys two ties matched by tries from Seneti and Lucy. The second half the teams still couldn't be separated with a try to Kedgley matched by Tamaki's Captain Meliame who scored with five minutes remaining and Lasini converted. This meant the game had to go into sudden death overtime! In torrid conditions Kedgley took advantage first scoring after applying quick pressure. Tamaki Girls were disappointed to go out of the competition at this point, in such close circumstances, but still have Auckland Girls Rugby Interzone Finals and Auckland Girls League Finals to come this term.

Our Basketball Girls finished their Thursday night League with a 3rd/4th play off game against the 2008 Eastern Zone Champions Bucklands Beach Intermediate (BBI). Tamaki started in awesome form taking a 26-17 lead into the break. In the second half of a forty minute game BBI showed their class eventually winning 38-34. Tamaki's Girls again showed huge improvement on their early season form, Lasini bagged 14 points, Patricia scored 10 and Meliame and Maggie scored 5 each. All eyes are fimly now on the 2008 NZ AIMS tournament when the Girls will do battle against the top New Zealand teams.... two years of planning is now only two short weeks away!!!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Five Mid Week Update

Our Girls Basketball team defended their Eastern Zone Girls title at ASB Stadium Today. They proved strong in pool play going on a run of five consecutive victories against Farm Cove Intermediate 18-7, Ellerslie School 22-4, Howick Intermediate 19-10, Pakuranga Intermediate 20-6 and St Heliers School 22-9. In the semi-finals we came up against the highly rated Remuera Intermediate team. Remuera took control in the first half taking a 18-8 lead. The second half was very tight with not many scoring opportunities and the teams only scoring a basket each! The other semi-final our friends at BBI Intermediate defeated Farm Cove before BBI proved their class in a tight final defeating Remuera 9-5. A worthy win from the deserved Eastern Zone Girls Basketball Champions for 2008. Our Girls gained some fantastic experience prior to the nationals in September, against some top opposition.

Our Girls Open Grade take the field for their final home game of 2008. They are playing in the Barbarians 12 - a side Rugby Semi-Finals against Kedgley Intermediate School. Those of you able to make the game, kick off will be at 11:30am. Tamaki has only once made the finals of this competition (which are at Eden Park) but would be odds on favourites to make it to the last two. Our Boys are also looking to advance to the quarter finals of this competition at 12:30pm. Don't worry if your not in Auckland, or New Zealand for that matter, full highlights will be available online here at tamakitoday!

Tamaki Int. - Camp Bentzon 4

This is footage of the yatching from Camp Bentzon involving our students. We were on Camp at Kawau Island from Monday 11th August to Friday 15th August. Filmed by various students, produced by Victor and commentary provided by Ana.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Camp Bentzon 3

This video shows our students learning to Kayak on School Camp. It was shot by various students and edited by Victor. Commentary on the video in post production was handled by Sam and by Meliame.

Tamaki Int. - Camp Bentzon 2

Video of the Confidence Course. Flimed at Camp Tuesday 12 August
Camp Bentzon 2008. Year 8 Students Tamaki intermediate School.
Edited and Produced by Victor and Commentary by TJ.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Camp Bentzon Slide Show 2

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week 5 Update

This week at Tamaki Intermediate School. On Monday and Tuesday the students who were on Y8 Camp at Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island are spending the time in special class to produce work related to Camp. Of course the best work will be posted here on tamakitoday. We've taken plenty of photographs and video footage and we'll be posting online from tomorrow!

- the big day for the Girls Basketball as they defend our Eastern Zone Girls title that we won for the first time in 2007! BBI and Remuera will be red hot favourites based on the pre-season form, but the Tamaki team have been closing the gap rapidly and should be there at full strength for the first time this year... last years final couldn't have been closer with Tamaki just edging BBI 8-7, we'll have a full report following the tournament on Wednesday...

Thursday. The final Lagoon League game for 2008! The Girls have a final game against the
Bucklands Beach Intermediate Girls team who had a shock loss to Pakuranga White last Thursday. The Girls will be looking to finish positively before the AIMS games in Tauranga which is their next scheduled games!

Barbarians 12 a Side Rugby! In breaking news that we'll confirm tomorrow both the Barbarians Rugby 12 a side knock out rugby quarter finals (Boys) and semi-finals (Girls) for Open Grade are scheduled to take place this week against Kedgley Intermediate School. The Girls will have a chance to qualify for the Eden Park Finals with a win and the Boys are likely to advance to the semi-finals against Bruce McClaren Intermediate. Both games will be filmed in detail and posted online as soon as they are available...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Camp Bentzon - Slideshow

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Camp Bentzon Virtual Tour

From Monday 11th August to Friday 15th August the Y8s from Tamaki Intermediate School spent the week at Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island. We took a lot of footage from our special time there. The Camp is located a 45 minute ferry ride from Sandspit about an hour and a half North of Auckland. In the first footage from Camp Sosaia made a virtual tour of the Camp. You get a sneak peak into the dinner room and also see our accommodation! Filmed by Victor live at Camp.
This is Part One in the series!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tamaki Int - Musical Highlights

This is part of the series of highlights from our school musical. This is from the Thursday night show, the first night time performance. This is "the three blind mice" dance and it stars Neve as Orica the villain with the carving knife trying to cut off their tales! The audience loved this! Filmed by Mereana from Room Six. Thanks to everyone who put all their effort into the production!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Basketball August 8th

Could it be that two years of work is nearly over? Well its true the Tamaki Intermediate Girls Basketball team have only two games remaining of their regular Thursday night season. This, as well as large amount of fund-raising has been building towards the nationals which are now only a month away! In our last pool game we took one of the red hot favourites for the 2008 Eastern Zone title Bucklands Beach Intermediate. They were beaten in the final 9-8 by Tamaki last year, and have already been runners up in Netball. Last game a huge first half by BBI saw them take an enormous 39-4 lead. This time Tamaki's defence was much more solid and the half time score was only 12-22. The final score was 21-40 to BBI but Tamaki made a huge improvement. Lasini managed to top score with 12 points, Meliame backed her up with 7 but the defence from Angel and Meliame in particular defended superbly for extended period! It bodes well for the Eastern Zone finals as Tamaki attempts to defend their title on August 20th...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Four Preview

This week we'll be posting a little differently as from Monday to Friday our Y8 students will be at on camp at Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island. We will be filming and making some footage but of course we won't be able to process the material until we return! In the meantime you'll have to make do with footage from our musical of the Quest from our night time performances! On Thursday well be at the Interzone Netball Champions of Champions Finals (which were hosting although were not fielding a team) , followed by Basketball Thursday nights Lagoon League semi-finals... although as 7 out of 10 of our players are still at Camp! That means we'll need to find some replacements! Hopefully the weather on Camp will be okay!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Maori 3

This is one from our new series. This is presented by Sidena who wanted to share a waiata that she learnt at Point England (Primary School). The waiata (song) has the basic body parts in Maori sung to the tune of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". The Maori parts of the body are as follows:
  • Mahunga - head
  • Pakahiwi - shoulders
  • Puku - stomach
  • Hope - hips
  • Waewae - legs
This video was filmed at Tamaki Intermediate on Thursday 7th July 2008 in our resource room by Brooke from Room Five.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Quest Matinee Performance

In this video Moli and Sabrina edited together some of the brief highlights of 'the Quest' performance from Tuesday 5th August. After over a terms work this was our first run through in full make up and costume, although the electronics were a little hard to sort through the students gave it their best efforts. This video was put together by Moli and Sabrina. It was filmed by Victor, Evandah, Meliame and Mary and Edited and Produced by Moli and Sabrina. Our first big performance is tonight and everyone is very nervous! This is also the first musical that our school has attempted in a very long time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AIMS Games Basketball Update

AIMS GAMES UPDATE! Those of you who have been regularly following our school blog would be aware of the over year and a half build up for the Association Intermediate Middle School Games which are our National finals in Tauranga. They are being held in September 7th-12th and the team has been fund-raising and practising since last year.

Finally our schedule of games for 2008 has been released! Our 2008 team is has games on Monday 8th September against Murrays Bay Intermediate and Bethlehem College. On Tuesday we meet Bruce McClaren Intermediate and Te Kuru O te Kotu. Finally on the Wednesday we compete against hosts Tauranga Intermediate School. We follow all these games with play off's on Thursday! We'll be posting live from the event next month and the team can't wait! Our regular Thursday night competition finishes in three weeks times after a final pool game tomorrow against Bucklands Beach Intermediate School with two weeks of finals.

Those of you wishing to check out information on the AIMS Games can so by clicking on the link.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Quest Musicial Preview

Today (Tuesday) we have two special performances of "the Quest" musical. In the first outside primary schools get to view the show, while in the second our own school gets the chance to see what the students and staff have been working on since term one. While we realise some of you can't be there to check out these shows before the big Thursday/Friday night performances here today is special footage of the final rehearsals... tune in later in the week for more!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Mrs Burt from Point England

Those of you who have been regularly following this blog will know that we're part of a group of schools that is part of the the Manaiakalani Cluster. We are incredibly fortunate to have as part of the Group Mrs Burt from Point England School steering the ship at the helm. Point England School have being doing some amazing podcast work as part of their KPE series. Mrs Burt has recently spent some time in USA as part of her professional work. This week Zecillia who also presents our Samoan videos was able to interview Mrs Burt about her trip and ask her some questions. Filmed at School by Mereana on Monday 4th August. Produced and directed by Zecillia.

Tamaki Int.. - Learn to Speak Maori Lesson 2

This is lesson two in our Learn to Speak Maori Series. In this lesson Mikeala and Anna-May go through some words for you to practise. We've written the words below so that you can practise them, then Mikeala will say them in Maori followed by Anna-May in English. This was written, produced and filmed (in one take!) by the students themselves!
The words are
  • Tangata Whenua - People of the Land
  • Whare - house
  • Whare nui - meeting house
  • Whare kai - kitchen
  • Marae - Church
  • Patu - weapon, like a club that could be made from Greenstone
  • Mana - pride
  • korero - talk or conversation
  • kohangareo - kindergarten
  • kura kaupapa - Maori School
this series will be continuing! Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week 3, Term 3, 2008

This week at Tamaki Intermediate School we've some pretty significant events occurring.
Tuesday - Our School Musical "the Quest" has our first full performance for outside schools in our school hall at 11:00am. We then follow that up with a performance for our students in the hall that afternoon at 1:30pm Of course you don't need to ask, we'll be filming it and posting some of the highlights on tamakitoday! That same night our Netball teams again compete at Morrin Road in Panmure for their Tuesday night competition.
Wednesday - We have parent teacher interviews. Students will be released to go home at 2:00pm, and interviews will be conducted in the school hall form 2:00pm-6:00pm.
Thursday - Our Basketball Girls have their second to last game before the semi-finals when they take on the red hot favourites for the 2008 Eastern Zone Finals, Bucklands Beach Intermediate. That same evening we have our first night time musical performance, with the Quest at 7:00pm. This is the night that everyone has been building for since term one!
Friday - the Y8 students are off to the Careers Expo at Greenlane from 10am-1pm. Later in the evening we have the second night time performance of the Quest again from 7pm at our Hall!

Finally - we've now clocked over 5,000 views for our material on teachertube! Well done students! I also promised to bake a cake for the first video to hit 1,000 individual views (really I have no idea why I promised this...) and our leading video for hits on teachertube is 'Learn to Speak Samoan 2' which has currently 812 views and closing quickly on that magic mark!

TV3 Meets Manaiakalani Part 3

This is the second part of Claire Robbie talking to students from the Manaiakalani Cluster about her role as a reporter and her job. Students were present at this talk at St Pius X School from St Pius School, St Patricks School, Tamaki Primary School, Point England School, Glenbrae, Tamaki College and of course Tamaki Intermediate School. You can click on the link to see the work of everyone in our group by clicking on the Manaiakalani link. This was filmed on Friday at the event.

TV3 Meets Manaiakalani - Part 2

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Tamaki Int. - TV3's Claire Robbie Interview

"Today we went to St Pius to go and meet Claire Robbie. She is a reporter for TV3. She gave us tips about presenting and reporting. She spoke clearly and we could understand her. There were students from Tamaki College, St Pius, St Patricks, Glenbrae, Point England and Tamaki Primary. This was filmed by Mrs Burt from Point England! Edited by Victor." Produced by Moli and Zecillia, who wrote the above description.

As you should know Tamaki Intermediate School is part of the Manaiakalani Cluster which includes the schools listed above (you can check out any of the schools on our blogroll or on the link above). As part of this we've been able to attend special meetings and have some exciting events happen. One of these was today at St Pius X School here the students were given a talk by Claire Robbie. She is a TV presenter in New Zealand who presents on TV3 Shows like Nightline. She talked to the students about presenting on the news. Moli interviewed her, in front of all the students and filed this report!