Sunday, August 3, 2008

TV3 Meets Manaiakalani Part 3

This is the second part of Claire Robbie talking to students from the Manaiakalani Cluster about her role as a reporter and her job. Students were present at this talk at St Pius X School from St Pius School, St Patricks School, Tamaki Primary School, Point England School, Glenbrae, Tamaki College and of course Tamaki Intermediate School. You can click on the link to see the work of everyone in our group by clicking on the Manaiakalani link. This was filmed on Friday at the event.

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Manaiakalani said...

She chose some very interesting news items for us to learn from. Funny how everyone wanted her to talk about the jail break when she gave us a choice! Are we a sad lot or what? I likes the way she gave the camera man all the credit for the success of a news story.
Mrs Burt