Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Fijian 1

This is the first series in our new lessons - Learn to Speak Fijian 101 - our new series of free online Fijian lessons. These series of lessons are being hosted by Leilani and Moli from Tamaki Intermediate School. In our first introductory lesson we cover saying hello, goodbye and asking how your day went - exactly what you'd ask someone from Fiji if you first met them! Produced by the students and recorded at school on Friday 29th August.

Disclaimer! This is the corrected version! With the error replaced!

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msangg said...

hi, i'm a languages teacher at a sydney high school. i've been directed to your blog by my deputy principal. i'm interested in getting my students to do blogging as well, but not sure where or how to start. i would be interested in your input. thanks.