Friday, August 1, 2008

Tamaki Int. - TV3's Claire Robbie Interview

"Today we went to St Pius to go and meet Claire Robbie. She is a reporter for TV3. She gave us tips about presenting and reporting. She spoke clearly and we could understand her. There were students from Tamaki College, St Pius, St Patricks, Glenbrae, Point England and Tamaki Primary. This was filmed by Mrs Burt from Point England! Edited by Victor." Produced by Moli and Zecillia, who wrote the above description.

As you should know Tamaki Intermediate School is part of the Manaiakalani Cluster which includes the schools listed above (you can check out any of the schools on our blogroll or on the link above). As part of this we've been able to attend special meetings and have some exciting events happen. One of these was today at St Pius X School here the students were given a talk by Claire Robbie. She is a TV presenter in New Zealand who presents on TV3 Shows like Nightline. She talked to the students about presenting on the news. Moli interviewed her, in front of all the students and filed this report!


Anonymous said...

Mr P here. Looks like your return to school has been exciting! We are all on 6 weeks break- in fact your getting this update from Malia in Crete where I'm on holiday. Pictures coming soon!

tamakitoday said...

Malia! That's brilliant! I bet that no-one from Room Six has ever heard of Crete, we'll stick that on our blog honours board for sure. Those holidays will finish soon enough.... enjoy the rest of them Mr P!

Manaiakalani said...

Congratulations Moli and the rest of the crew from Tamaki Intermediate. You did yourselves proud at this event. You were the only ones who were brave enough to step forward with some well prepared questions and interview Ms Robbie. You have a great future ahead of you as a reporter yourself Moli. Keep it up.
Mrs Burt