Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Blog Numbers

One of my favourite other Auckland Blogs is the Miss Signals EPS Blog. They've just celebrated 500 hits on their blog, and if you haven't checked out their blog you need to do so from our blogroll immediately!

That got me thinking about our numbers.
As of today we've had a total of 820 visitors to this page in three and a half months. We've also as most of you know got material thats on a number of video sites, teachertube being the main one. Our videos on teachertube have just clocked over 2,500 views. The most popular are the Samoan videos with 'Learn to Speak Samoan Lesson 2' just reaching 600 views. We also have footage on sites like graspr and youtube.

I really think that the best is yet to come from us in terms of footage and viewers. If you think about how far Room Six has come in terms of postings, material and the learning curve then all of you are doing really well... keep up the good work Room Six.


margm said...

HI there Tamaki Int, thanks for leaving your comments on our year 7 blog. We are a small P12 school in Western Victoria, Australia. Would love to hook up on some sort of project with you at our school. Great looking blog by the way. Visit our year 6 blog and say hello on our voicethread - on the page "Say g'day to us". We would love to hear from you. www.

anne marie said...

Thanks for stopping by our Blog and leaving a comment- you too have a great Blog!
Glad to meet you!
anne marie