Monday, September 29, 2008

Tamaki Int - Rugby Vs. Viscount

On Monday 22nd September the Girls Rugby Interzone Finals took place at Point England Reserve. This involved the top four Girls teams from Auckland the Champions of each of the different Zones. Tamaki Intermediate were there as Eastern Zone Champions. We were up against Viscount School, the Southern Zone Champions in the third pool match. Viscount were the Runners Up in Auckland for 2007 when they defeated Tamaki in the still much talked about Semi-Finals in sudden death extra time match (before losing to Henderson in the finals).

In this match Tamaki were desperate to claim a win against Viscount to qualify them for the finals. Having lost to Randwick Park and beaten Mt Roskill it was a do or die game. Tamaki took the lead early in the match before Viscount scored just before half time to even the game. In the second half Viscount showed their class that would see them eventually win the final as they defeated Tamaki 7-28.

This game is the final in the highlights series of Rugby games for 2008. Filmed by Gaifo and Meliame at Point England Reserve on Monday 22nd September.


Toney Starks said...

Better luck next time girls. At least you guys hung in there, and played the whole game.

Wm Chamberlain said...

I watched this with some students in the after school program. They were surprised that girls would play this rough of a game. (I doubt the boys at my school would be willing to play it, either!) We did have a coach that played rugby on the weekends, he always had interesting bruises.

Anyway, It looks like you are having fun.

tamakitoday said...

Thanks for your comments! Our Girls do enjoy the physical nature of Rugby and its the game that probably has the most respect from the kids! We did get some injuries this season - the worst came not in a tackle but when a Girl put the ball down over the try line to score a try and broke her arm! (there wasnt another player involved it was just the way she hit the ground...)