Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tamaki Int. - An apology to Perkiomenville Pennsylvania

Last Week we posted learn to Speak Samoan Lesson 16. In it we identified a number of animals and then translated them into English. Occassionally we make the odd error which is lost in translation! An Gaifo informed me that the Samoan work for snake was wrong, as the person putting it onscreen had written the wrong word - that would be me! Now this has happened before from time to time and I said "no worries" (thats a classic Kiwi saying along the lines of "she'll be right" and "no problems, I'll fix it") and I was going to get around to fixing it overnight. Unfortunatly (this is my teacher disclaimer in full) I got sidetracked (hey its getting towards the end of term and I am very busy) and kind of forgot to do it.

Gaifo saw it again yesterday reminded me and said what if someone learnt it wrong. I said I thought it would be okay just overnight, and I'd fix it today, promise, promise etc.

Lo and behold we had a google search overnight from Perkiomenville Pennsylvanaia searching for Samoan word for Snake! If you did that search and your a student or a teacher we're soooo sorry for misleading you! Our humblest appologies at Tamakitoday! If it was part of a work project please accept our sincerest apoligies! (we'll even apologise to your teacher in person if it was a project!) and if you happen to know anyone from Perkiomenville, Pennsylvanaia (what a cool place name!) whose Samoan or learning Samoan or doing a project on Samoan, Samoa or a project on Snakes... well I think you get the idea...
please let them know theres been a mistake on our part and we'll fix the issue!


andreab said...

Thanks for replying to my blog. I will try to get my teacher to tell our class to get to your site.
Oh, and by the way, when you leave a comment, for some reason, the website adds "" to your address.

Wm Chamberlain said...

How funny! I can imagine the problems people have when trying to use different languages. In my school we have 50% hispanic population. Fortunately, I put the Google translator on the page so it does the translating for me.

I love the idea of these vids. We have a few Pacific Islanders here and I can't wait to see if they know any of these words.

Keep up the great work.

Mr. C