Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tamaki Int - Boys Maori Haka

This is a example of a Maori Boys Haka. This is one of the cultural items from our Haka Waiata festival which is taking place next week. This is Leander (the green house) and their Boys leading the Haka is Wiremu.

This haka is from the Tainui tribe in the Waikato region.

There are many haka's in New Zealand. Each tribe has their own.
Some are challenges to other people, whereas some describe inequalities and
concerns over issues in the world.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi there !
That's interesting ! It's good to know that there are many haka's in NZ. I know only two-the ones performed by the All Blacks.

Mrs She

Anonymous said...

hello! I am Nathan from Mr. Toa's class. I know you told Mr. Toa that we could contact you if we needed help so, I have a few questions to ask you, if it's all right. I'm doing the Maori tribe, just to let you know. First of all do you know some Maori recipies, because my categorie is food and cooking, and my partner and I want to make a Maori dish. If you don't, do you know any websites that will help me look for recipies? Thank you for your help!
P.S. My address is nathan01pd2016.

Nathan said...

I'm sorry I didn't tell you my address correctly. it is blogs.saschina.org/nathan01pd2016

Anonymous said...

HI my name is lyn and Iam a year 6 student at Pt England school.It is really cool to know how many hkas there are in New Zealand I only know about 2 hakas.It was reallynice to see that most of you were not that shy at all.

From lyn rm17

tamakitoday said...

@ Mrs She - most people only know Ka Mate from the All Blacks Haka and the new one, but it wasn't until our cultural festivals that I realised they were regional!

@ Nathan were doing a special series of food that are traditional Maori food to answer your questions.