Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tamaki Int. - EHSAS 30 Seconds Advert!

Today in class our students were given 30 minutes to follow the literacy process and produce a 30 second advertisement to publicise the big ESHAS Cluster event next Thursday at Tamaki College. ESHAS (Extending High Standards Across Schools) is our cluster of Eight Schools which make up the Manaiakalani Cluster who are producing a movie night. Tickets are by gold coin donation and you can purchase a ticket from the local schools. Throughout the day of the 13th of November all of the local schools students are visiting the college to see our students work. This task was for students to brainstorm a 30 second advertisment for the show next week to publicise it. Students had seven minutes to brainstorm and plan, seven minutes to rehearse and then a five minute filming schedule. Start time in class 2:30pm. Fully finished by 2:52pm. Completed in twenty two minutes! Sorted! Filmed at School on Tuesday 4th November.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Well done Mr. Webb !

You are very talented ! I am going to be there for sure after watching your video !


tamakitoday said...

Well Mrs She its not like its me doing the work, its the wonderful Room Six students that make this site, if it was just me I don't think about would come!

Mr. T said...

Mr. Webb,

Hi, This is Mr. Titzel from Hershey (Chocolatetown, USA). You commented on my class blog last week and I neglected to get back in touch with you. I know its last minute, but I want to extend an invitation for your class to take part in our US election live blogging event today. Some of my students will be commenting on the election returns in live time from 7pm to 9pm our time. I think it would be 1pm to 3pm New Zealand time. If you are interested go to http://derrymoodle.caiu.org/ Find American Cultures with Mr. TItzel. Sign on as a guest. If you need the key is "titzel".

If you are unable to take part we would love to be able to share and collaborate with your students this year. Have a great day!

Mr. Titzel

sabrina said...

Thanks for leaving those nice comments that you have left us. I hope you come along to the EHSAS cluster meeting it will be great fun.

Sabrina room6
Tamaki Intermediate

Anonymous said...

WoW!I never even seen any thing like that before,including from some place so far away.Thank you for going on our blog,also for letting every body from CHETS CREEK ELEMENTRY SCHOOL togo on your blog. -Kiala rp#8 Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all of the comments you left us!
Your blog is so cool and interresting.

Grace ML#10

Anonymous said...

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tamakitoday said...

Thanks for all your feedback!
@ Mr T sorry that we couldnt get back in time for the election but it would be great to do so in the future.

Don't forget to leave a link back to your classroom pages (if your allowed to, check with your teachers!) so that we can find your site, view your work and leave comments in return!