Friday, November 21, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Learn to Speak Fijian Lesson 5

This is another in our free online Fijian Lesson series. This lesson is counting from one to twenty. The lesson is hosted by Lelani and Moli. Each of the numbers from one to twenty will be spoken in English and then repeated in Fijian. We've also got the numbers on screen as well to help as a visual prompt. Filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School on Thursday 20th November 2008.


Teinakura said...

hey you kids you had a great show teinakura pt england school

tamakitoday said...

Thanks Teinakura for your comment! Don't forget to leave your class blog link so we can come back and leave a comment on your site!

pesteam2 said...

Hi Moli and Lelani!
What a great video you two have done. Some of the numbers in Fijian sounds very similar to Niuean. Are you going to have any language lessons in Niuean?
Keep up the great work.
Love Miss Lavakula

tamakitoday said...

Miss Lavakula
We don't have any Niuean students in our classroom but that's a very good idea. We always get searches related to speaking Pacific Language on our blog maybe your students would do that one? There's a definite similarity between the languages and some of the words, were doing a lesson on that next week! Thanks for your comment!