Monday, November 3, 2008

Tamaki Int - APOPs Highlitghts

These are the highlights from the APOPs extension music group show at the Auckland Town Hall on Friday 31st October 2008. Sosaia will write a full report up to go with this video. Filmed by Evandah and Vincent.

On the 29th of October the APOPs people got a really great opportunity.We got to go to the Edge in the town hall in Auckland city. what we got to do was is on Wednesday the 29th we got to rehearse with the Philorama Orchestra and on the 30th of October we got to peform with them infront of lots of schools.The APOPs people got a dressing room with lights around them just like the movies I think what we got to do was a really good opportunity to sing with profesionals. Apops is a group of people who have extended in instruments.


Manaiakalani said...

What an interesting and varied show! Skaties, orchestra, smoke and choirs. You must have has a wonderful experience. Were you filming this from up in the circle? I am looking forward to reading your report
Mrs Burt

pesteam2 said...

That was a great show! Was that the rehersal or the real deal? I've never been to an orchestra before. Great videoing. Keep up the great work!

Miss Dekker said...

Well Done to all the students who participated in this awesome opportunity! I am very proud of the way you sang with such confidence even from the middle of the orchestra.

Anonymous said...
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Tamaki Today said...

@ Manaiakalani - they were filming from the side stage, so they couldnt get the best view but its great to share the show with others who couldnt get there.
@ pestream2 that was the real deal!
@ Miss Dekker thanks once again for your feedback and comments you've our best teacher on staff comment person by far!