Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Haka

In two weeks time we have our huge cultural festival for our students. They are competing in their four houses against each other. Each house has five acts that are part of their performance. These highlights are of one of the four houses practising on Friday. Leander House won the 2007 competition and this is footage of their boys Haka, which is still a work in progress. Filmed by Victor at Tamaki Intermediate School on Friday 21st November 2008.

For some reason blogger wouldn't let me update this with a link, so I had to post this video again. This is the link here.


Tracy Muller said...

Your cultural festival sounds very unique! How long has it been a tradition for you? I will check back with my class to see your end results! From Tracy Muller in Canada

Room10 said...

We can't wait to see some footage. Good luck to each house. I wonder who will win this year.
Annie & Room Ten

tamakitoday said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments, there will be a slight delay with the footage for this post while we consult with staff at school about a small protocol issue.
Thanks for your patience.