Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week Seven

This week at Tamaki Intermediate School... next week we have our huge cultural festival so the students in the four houses are practising for the event every day this week just before lunch as well as after school practises and work. We also in addition to this have:
Monday - a drumming display in the Hall. Students have to bring a two dollar donation to witness this show. Wednesday - our School Athletics team travels to Ericisson Stadium to compete in the 2008 Eastern Zone Finals. The same day our Girls League Tag team have the Auckland Champion of Champions Finals at ARL HQ in Cornwall Park. This will be the last organised sport for our school for this year. Lastly our big announcement this week we start our Tamaki Idol 2008 Auditions. We are going to be filiming all the auditions and these will go online as 'live as possible' so that you can follow the entire process from start to finish! The juding the tears!, the talent... all will be posted here live on Tamakitoday! This will culminate in our big final talent show on the last day of School which will be recorded and posted in full.

This is now week seven of 2008 and school and all related activities will close in late December and not start again until February. We have just recored our 12,000 teachertube view and this in addition to our traffic at this blog and youtube views means that this site is well on track to reach the magic 20,000 figure before the end of the year.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow !
Looks like a busy week ahead ! We will be busy too. We have to make a movie for the end of the year competition. The whole school are involved. Do wish us luck !

Room 5 Pt England School.

tamakitoday said...

Absolutely, you will be one of the favourites too given how good Apii's Hippo was...

Wm Chamberlain said...

Are you going to put them on Ustream or Stickam? If you can it would let us watch them in "real time". It doesn't take much bandwidth and you can also record them as they stream.I use Ustream at school and church and it works pretty well.
Mr. C

tamakitoday said...

We might do that but I have to say that I haven't used Ustream or Stickam before a good experience with me and thanks for the tip!