Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tamaki Int - School Athletics

This week at Tamaki Intermediate School...
Monday - we have School Athletics. This was originally scheduled to take place on Friday but was postponed due to the weather. Our School Athletics day consists of students in their four competitive houses trying to win points for the Athletics Shield. Students are categorised as either Junior, Intermediate or Senior depending on their age at 1st October [Junior Under 12, Intermediate between 12 to 12.9 and Senior 12.9 and over] all students compete in 100m, 200m Shot Put, Long Jump, High Jump, Discus, Hurdles and [Plastic] Javelin. This event will be split into two seperate days starting with Monday and concluding this Friday.
There's no need to ask of course Tamakitoday will be fully there recording and releasing the results and whats more were also putting online our best times, score, heights, throws for you to compare yourselves against.

Wednesday - Our School sports teams have the final team event for 2008 when we compete in the Auckland Rugby League Eastern/Central League Tag tournament. There are a number of students turning out for the school for the final time. Both teams have four pool games against the likes of Kowhai Intermediate, Farm Cove Intermediate, Waiheke Island School and Wesley Intermediate. This will take place at Cornwall Park in Auckland. Footage will posted following the tournament.

Thursday - Our ESHAS Cluster have their big day at Tamaki College. During the day all of the local schools will be coming in for our viewing hour to see the work from Tamaki College, Tamaki Primary, St Pius X School, Glenbrae, Panmure Bridge, Point England and of course Tamaki Intermediate School. Each of the schools are coming for an hour to see our work and our movies, followed by all the teachers later and then in the evening its the parents chance to come and see our work! During the day Tamaki Intermediate presenters will be there! As part of our presentation we will be releasing our movie contribution to the show online here. We will be putting the movie online live from 10:30am on Thursday for you all to view. This is the culmination of the 'International Sasa' that we are so greatful that some of you have contributed to!

Friday - Athletics, the second day of our school Athletics competition. This will allow us to select our School Athletics team for the Eastern Zone Competition at Ericisson Stadium later this month.

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