Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week One - Term Three Preview

At tamakitoday we came back from the holidays to find us celebrating 1,200 'hits' on this blog and also 4,000 view's of our material from teacher tube! The students were all very excited to reach these marks and Room Six would like to thank everyone that has logged onto our class blog and also everyone that has left a comment for us, we all really, really appreciate it. Our students are looking forward to this term and have already begun planning and filming the next series of posts. Some of the highlights to come shortly include...

Thursday. Our Netball teams will (weather permitting) compete in the Eastern Zone Netball Finals at Morrin Road! We have two Boys teams and two Girls teams competing! It might be wet, in probably will be cold but we'll be there hopefully recording a successful day of competition.

Learn to Speak Samoan: We have some excellent news, at the end of last term we said our goodbyes to Zecillia, tomorrow we release our Lesson 9 with Gaifo and a new presenter! We have had a number of high quality auditions for the role and it was very difficult choosing a successor to such a skilled presenter.

Learn to Speak Tongan: We will be publishing the next lesson in the series shortly, although were only up to Lesson Two its already proving amongst our most popular material!

Maori: In New Zealand right now its Maori Language Week! We celebrating Te Reo and will have our series of Maori Language Lessons continuing. We've had a lot of positive feedback about of Rakau Lessons.

We also have a report from Moli coming tomorrow about the Quest and major role that she and other R6 students are involved in! Stay tuned to this location!

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