Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Room Six Virtual Tour July 1st

This is Victor's virtual tour of Room Six. It was designed so that if you wanted a quick look into the Room Six environment you could see what it was like. There was no script as such for this filming as we had Victor just 'free roaming' although the map work was very clever. Filmed in week nine, term two, 2008 just before we have our mid year holidays (we will be not at school for two weeks). But don't worry due to the magic of technology, and the fact we have lessons 'banked' we will be posting regularly throughout the break. Mr Webb filmed the ending of this video as students were going. We'd also recommend as a class you try the site if you haven't already as we're really enjoying that at the moment! (Educational games!)


James Padvis said...

Brilliant piece of filming, nice to get a feel of how you guys are set up. Nice bit of on there too... do you think I should get paid to get everyone into it?

By the time your holidays are over, we should have some stuff to keep you busy while we enjoy 6 weeks Summer holidays!!!

I might even send you some holiday pictures...

TamakiToday said...

Thanks For the comment about the filming.

We enjoyed playing
hope you enjoyed learning about our classroom. Well do the school next.

Thank you
Victor Tamaki Intermediate
Auckland, New Zealand