Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tamaki Int. - New Classrooms Opened!

Since February at Tamaki Intermediate School there has been some massive building work in progress as all of the school classrooms have been increased in size.

Its a gradual process and today the very first, new improved classrooms were opened and furniture and desks were moved in. Its not the official opening ceremony but its the first day that the new classrooms were open, so we thought that it was a special occassion.

Not everyone could be there for the opening but tamakitoday certainly were! We sent roving reporter Moli to the new classrooms with Camera person Sabrina and they filed this report from a room in building progress as well as giving you a tour of a completed classroom. So if you were an ex student or someone who knows the school you can just click on the video and see inside! the improvements are just massive. We'll also have a photograph slide tour posted tomorrow.

Unfortunately, as our New Zealand viewers will know there has been another huge storm hitting the North Island of New Zealand. The Girls Open Grade Rugby Finals were indeed cancelled today and will now have to take place at another date.

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