Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Cook Island Quiz Night 1

In the last week of school term Tamaki Intermeidate School Hall hosted a quiz night. The Quiz night was a fund raiser for our school trip in term three. In week five a select group of students are going on a trip to the Cook Islands! This is a major event for all those involved (last year our school made trips to both Samoa and Tonga) and students have been fund-raising for some time, practising for the cultural performances that go with the trip constantly!

On Thursday 3rd July we had 25 teams competing in a trivia night at our school hall. There was also a dancing competition and entertainment. Our Principal Mr Horan was Quiz Master for the evening that was organised by Miss Whalley. What a fun time was had by all. Including entrance fee's and donations during the dancing the school raised over $500 for the School trip. This video shows some of the highlights from the evening... a special highlight was the adult dance competitions. In the quiz itself the second placed team was Team Waikato who lost by a single point (nevermind! next year!) The event on the night was filmed by Latrell from Room 5.

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