Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Week 1 Holidays 2008

In the last three days although its been the holidays Tamaki Intermediate has been very busy. In week three of next term we are performing our school musical 'the Quest'. R6 has some really special roles in this with Sabrina, Moli and Sosaia (who are all regular tamakitoday presenters) all have important parts of the show. On Monday all the teachers except one came into the school and spent the day making the scenery and painting sets! Some of these look fantastic and we'll release a sneak peek of them on this site as soon as possible!

That one teacher who wasn't there was Mr Webb from R6. That's because all this week the School has been running a BBQ at the 2008 Walter Dixion Rugby Tournament. This is the premiere Under 55kg Y7/8 Boys Rugby Competition. Today Mr Webb helped by Miss Feasey managed to sell 220 sausages and 120 drinks in three hours! Miss Curran and Miss Tauri have also been helping out hugely with this vital task! All the funds from this are going towards the Tamaki Intermediate Girls Basketball AIMS Tournament 2008 in Tauranga - in the past three days we've raised nearly $400!. That tournament which we've been building up for since mid 2007 is now only eight weeks away! Happy holidays everyone (tomorrow we're releasing 'Learn to Speak Tongan 2') and there's more to come in the next week and a half...


Manaiakalani said...

It sounds like Tamaki Intermediate is in full swing through the holidays. We know your production will be a success with all the work that is going into it. I am sure that all the tamakitoday subscribers will be looking forward to seeing Moli, Sabrina and Sosaia in action.
Mr Webb sounds like he is working too hard. I hope he is going to get a few days off soon :) Sounds like your fund-raising is well under way though. Good luck to the basketballers!
Mrs Burt
Cleveland, Ohio

tamakitoday said...

Thanks for your comments Mrs Burt. I have really liked you updated your online travels overseas! It has been busy holidays but really rewarding. We are really looking forward to the Quest production in term three as our school has never had a school production before!
Mr Webb