Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Room 7 Food Market/Restaurant

This year we are going to school camp at Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island, an island about 90 minutes North of Auckland (well the ferry departs from there and takes another half an hour)

The cost of this Camp is $100 for three nights and four days. To help with this our school this term had a 'being enterprising' focus. The classrooms each had a different activity to raise money. R7 had a market fair/restaurant in the Hall. You could order ice cream for $1, a milkshake for $1.50, Chocolate Cake for $2 or a plot of Chop Suey for $3.

Zecillia and Gaifo introduced the clip, Victor filmed the goings on (including some exclusive preparation footage) and Moli when she'd finished eating interviewed not only Mr Pasupati from Room Five but also our Deputy Principal/Acting Principal Miss Waetford! This all took place on Wednesday 2nd July. Well done to Miss Tafea and the rest of Room Seven!


Miss Paton said...

Well done Room 7.

The food looked delicious. Your kitchen looked very well organized. Wish I was there to try out some of your Chop Suey. Hope you raised enough money for your exciting camping trip to Kawau Island.


Miss Paton

tamakitoday said...

Thank you Miss Paton I might get one of the students to post the recipe online early next term then you could make it yourself, unless there is some secret Samoan or Tongan ingredients that we aren't allowed to share!
Mr Webb