Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Samoan Lesson 7

Can you believe that we're already up to lesson seven of Learn to Speak Samoan? Well the year is nearly half way through... and unfortunately this is nearly the last broadcast from Zecillia and Gaifo as a team as Zecillia is moving schools at the end of the term! The lessons will continue but with a replacement that we are now searching for!

In this instalment of Learn to Speak Samoan we focus on comment or statements that the teacher can learn in class and talk to the students in Samoan! So this if for any teachers out there who want to communicate properly with Samoan students in their classroom. Written, produced and created by Zecillia and Gaifo with help from Miss Vailoa. Filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School on Wednesday 2nd July 2008.

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