Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tamaki Int. - International Sasa Display!

Very soon locally we're having a big 'Movie' exhibition to show off our ICT work over the past year. We're looking for schools that would be willing to contribute a Sasa (Samoan slap dance) in video form. It would only be about 45 seconds of footage that we'd need at most but we'd be keen to have some 'international' flavour too it, or national content too! Don't worry if you haven't done a Sasa before its really straight forward! (in some ways if it was a little less than perfect it might add to the atmosphere too!)

And how can you learn it you ask? Well of course we've had a video tutorial on exactly that published on this site for some time! We've also uploaded it to both Youtube and teachertube. If you don't want search you can also click on the link to this video - here. Were looking for the 'slap' section of the Sasa in particular.

Why not google 'how to Samoan Sasa' or 'Samoan Sasa' - were in the top ten hits for this worldwide! (As we are for a number of things...)

Gaifo and Zecillia will also be updating this, with another 'how to Sasa video' but if you interested please drop us a note and we'll get it organised!


Wm Chamberlain said...

This is a great idea and a wonderful opportunity for my class. I would love to be involved with this!
You can contact me at my email address
Mr. C

TamakiToday said...

Yes that would be superb!

James Padvis said...

Count me in... half term this week though so will do it ASAP Mon 3rd November if not too late?

tamakitoday said...

@ Mister P. That should be great I have to have it ready by the 6th but that's great! Awesome etc!