Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Sasa Drum Pattern

This is the drum pattern for our International Sasa that those of you who are contributing we'd like you to work off this beat for your part! This was drummed by Owen, Douglas, Viliami from Leander House at Tamaki Intermediate. The full set of moves will be available later tomorrow. In this example the Boys are drumming using two old oil tins, but you don't need to use tins anything that can be drummed will do! Remember to check out the slideshow for more tips!


Room 16 said...

We've been using your drum beat and practicing so that we're good enough to be in your movie! Hopefully Mrs Burt will get the footage tonight :)

Room 16, Grey Lynn School

Paul Bogush said...

Hello from the USA Mr. Webb and students!

Finally getting back to your comment on our blog

My kids would love to do something with you kids. Are you looking for something intensive or just a video get-to-know you sort of thing.

Time zones make it impossible to do anything live but I would love to swap some video back and forth. Maybe you class can propose a question and my kids both classes can make a video with responses and post the video.

Let me know-email is best!
Paul Bogush

tamakitoday said...

@ Room 16 "good enough" isn't a problem were looking at sharing and its impossible to share wrong. Spreading the words and ideas are what its all about.
@ Paul - if you'd like to be involved that would be fantastic, all the information will be up shortly and great that you've left us a line we'll get the students from Room Six on your blog tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool by the way all of you's dnt know me but yea

4rm Sally
Saw you guys on GOOGLE!!