Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tamaki Int- Learn to Speak Fijian 3

This is the third in our series of online Fijian Lessons. In this lesson our presenters for this video Lelani and Moli tell you how to say the name of food in Fijian. As with all other videos in the series they will say the word in Fijian and then repeat it in English. There are a variety of food covered in this video that includes:
  • Fish - Ika
  • Taro - Dalo
  • Kasava - Tavioka
  • Rice - Raisi
  • Bread - Madrai
  • Pig - Vuaka
  • Sausage - Soseti
  • Potatoe - Pateta
  • Yam - Uvi

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