Monday, October 27, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Blog Check Wanaka Primary

Usually today I'd be posting the highlights of the week coming up. However in New Zealand today is a public holiday - its Labour Day, celebrating the 40 hour working week. (Whatever that is most teachers would not know I don't think!) I was going to do a post to explain it for our overseas visitors and then I read the perfect explanation on one of my favourite New Zealand Primary School Blogs - Wanaka Primary School (in the South Island close-ish to Queenstown for those of you who know your New Zealand Geography). If you thought that this blog was active you want to check out the amount of work that they do. Also I know that we're very please to be hitting 3,000 visitors shortly - they've clocked in nearl 11,000!

The quality of the site explains why, you really have to see it, and the link for it is obviously in our RSS feeder link or you can click on the site here. Well worth the visit and be sure to leave a comment on their fantastic work, they'll leave one back!

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