Friday, October 17, 2008

Tamaki Int.- Learn to Speak Tongan 10

This is the tenth lesson in our free online Tongan Language Series. In this lesson Josh and Sosaia cover some phrases that you could use in the classroom with other students and with the teacher. The students will say each phrase one then repeat it in English. The phrases that you should be listening for in this video are :
  • O mai ae peni - give me the pen
  • ave ae tohi kihe tai ako - pass the book to the teacher
  • omai ae sea keu tangutu 'ai - can you give me the chair to sit on
  • mai ae tohi koe keu lau - pass me the book so I can read it.
Written produced and filmed by students at Tamaki Intermediate School on Friday 17th October 2008.


Alisi, Room 17 said...

That was a useful lesson for in school. I like the way you spoke.
I noticed a spelling mistake in your writing:
ave ae tohi kihe tai ako
I think you meant to write
ave ae tohi kihe fai ako

Keep up the lessons

tamakitoday said...

Alisi thank you so much for pointing out the mistake - its Mr Webb's fault and I will get it fixed up shortly.