Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Learn to Speak Samoan 20

This is lesson 20 in the online Samoan Language Series. Your never supposed to change a winning formula but now our regular presenters Zecillia and Gaifo are joined by Neve. In this lesson in the series in 1:20 we cover all of the parts of the body in Samoan. This is really fast so you have to be listening very carefully. The Girls as always will say each word in Samoan and then translate it into English. The key words that are featured in this lesson are as follows:
  • ulu - head
  • mata - eyes
  • taliga - ears
  • isu - nose
  • gutu - mouth
  • gifo - teeth
  • laulaufaiva - tounge
  • auvae - chin
  • ua - neck
  • tauau - shoulder
  • fatafata - chest
  • magava - stomach
  • lima - hands
  • kulilima - elbow
  • tama'itama'ailima - fingers
  • vae - legs
  • kulivae - knees
  • paku vae - ankles
  • tama'itama'i vae - toes
This was filmed at the School on Friday 17th October at Tamaki Intermediate School. The electric buzz saw at the end is a result of the building in progress on site at our school!


James Padvis said...

I think you have some prospective language teachers there!

Best wishes

Mr P

tamakitoday said...

Yes, you'd be amazed by how much this has promoted the blog. We're top ten in the world for Samoan videos, Tongan videos and Fijian videos when you google search! Not bad for seven months!