Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tamaki Int - Holidays Update 3

Currently am located in Christchurch, New Zealand for the 2008 Ulearn Conference. One of the great things about being at this location has been the ability to network with people that we've only met thus far online.

It was great for instance to meet Jenny from Point England School yesterday. Although they are another local East Auckland School, that I haven't met personally up to this point. I'd really recommend her site, and the work that her students have been completing. Her site is the students are younger but the work is really wonderful for their age. Its a year one class but really worth a look!

If you reading this in Dorothy's Workshop on Thursday and anyone would like to network in the future with our school leave us a comment below and we'll get onto your sites with our students next week when school returns.

Finally I'd like to wish Waikato the best of luck in their quarter final this weekend against Hawkes Bay in the Air New Zealand Cup. Quality always wins through in the end.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

It was indeed a great pleasure to meet Myles in person. I have heard so much about him. Myles was of couse responsible for bringing lots of visitors to my blog page. He was very humble when I told him of the ripple effect of his blog site.

Thank you !


tamakitoday said...

Jenny as I said in the post I'd like to commend your amazing blog work for a Y1 classroom. Superb.