Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Sasa Instructions 2

This is the first of our Sasa update from the new series for those of you interested in helping out with our international film festival entry coming up in the next few weeks. In this video we got through Sasa 101 a basic start to Sasa. Hosted by Moli and Gaifo the students go through all that you need to perform a sasa as well as some basic instructions.

You will need
  • a leader who will call the commands, someone who is confident with a loud voice
  • a drummer who can keep the beat
  • a plan of thier action
In this video there are some commands that you will need to learn for the leader to shout out and also the students who are performing the sasa to know so they can perform the appropirate actions at the right time. The commands are called in Samoan and are as follows:
  • Tolo nofo - which means put your head down
  • Sauni - get ready
You will see in the video the times when you need to call them. There are also some basic patterns that are clapped using hands as demonstrated by Gaifo, Moli and Josh that you can try and adjust as you need.

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