Friday, October 24, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate - Haka Waiata 2

Our huge cultural festival - Haka Waiata is only six weeks away! Our four Houses Orpheus, Leander, Achilles and Calliope are practising very hard for the end of the year.

'Its hard to believe that its only eight weeks to go until its all over!'

Today we have special footage of the top secret house practises - brief snippets of some of the material from each including three work in progress Sasa. This was present by Sabrina and filmed by Gaifo - both students had a brief to work on a limited time, and really produced the goods. For those of you preparing or considering preparing Samoan Sasa's to help with our presentation early next month have a look at the students - they managed to learn this in one lesson only!

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Easter Carmuirs said...

Sabrina and Gaifo, you've both been really busy. You seem really excited and enthusiastic, which is brilliant!

When is the end of your school year? We have just finished our first term, so it seems a long way to go until the end of June! :o(

Can you tell us a bit more about the Haka Waiata, what it is and why you celebrate it?

Mr O.