Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Term Four Preview

This term at Tamaki Intermediate School we have some busy activities as we start the fourth and final term of the 2008 School year.

School wise we have our major Cultural Competition, the House Sport, the Haka-Waiata Competition taking place in week eight. There will be significant footage of this major event posted here online.

Our Sports team compete in Eastern Zone Touch Rugby in Week two at Sacred Heart College. The Boys and the Mixed teams play Tuesday followed by the Girls on Wednesday at Sancta Maria College. Later in the term we also have League Tag Competition and Athletics for both our school and a competitive team at the Eastern Zone Finals.

We also have our end of term assembly, transitions to College and our 2008 Tamaki Idol competiton. All of which will feature in online form one way or another.

Here at tamakitoday we will be completing lessons in Learning to Speak Samoan (nearly at lesson 20), Learning to Speak Tongan, Learning to Speak Fijian, and Learn to Speak Maori. We also have our general series of video postings covering our various school activities which you can check out online here!

Finally - we've also approaching some significant milestones in terms of numbers - within the week we are expecting both our 2,500 visitor to this site and our 10,000 view of our material on teachertube! Our students are very excited by this and thank you for your comments and your visits as managed to achieve this in seven months.


Miss S. said...

Wow, what a busy place your school will be! Can't wait to see all the hard work.

Miss S. @ EPS

tamakitoday said...

Thanks very much Miss S, for your support, which has been consistent and greatly appreciated throughout the year. We also look forward to viewing more awesome material on your class blog page.