Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tamaki Int- Samoan Sasa Cultural Festival

This is the Samoan Sasa from Achilles House (Yellow) in the 2008 Tamaki Intermediate School Haka/Waiata Festival. Each house had to have a mass item that included all members of the house participating. In the Sasa everyone has to follow the beat or commands of the leaders. The Sasa is being co-lead by John from Room Six who also won the award for best male at the cultural festival. A Sasa is basically a slap dance where students use their hands to create a beat. The students themselves created the Sasa for this competition and taught themselves with the teachers supervising. Filmed by Victor at Tamaki Intermediate School Hall on Friday 5th December 2008.


sue said...

I am always blown away when I watch you lot perform, but I couldn't believe it when you managed to keep the beat and move from a sitting position to change position on stage! It must be so great to belong to a culture with such a strong performance heritage. Really impressed as usual.
Ps. How many Weet Bix does Tom have for breakfast? :)

NZWaikato said...

Sue - yes I was so impressed with this Sasa as the students came up with all the moves themselves, and the rotation with the sitting change looked awesome! The students are tremendous proud of their culture and love sharing it. I have to say that I am baffled by the Weetbix question!