Friday, December 5, 2008

Tamaki Int - Cook Island Dancing 5

This is Calliope (Red) House's final performance for our Cultural Festival. The students are 12/13 and are performing a traditional Cook Island Dance. A detailed description of this video is being prepared by the students and will be updated shortly. Filmed at Tamaki Intermediate Thursday 4th December 2008.


spxroom6 said...

You should teach me how to dance CookIsland because you really know how to dance GIRLS!!!

From Victoria
Room 6

spxroom6 said...

FANTASTIC...That was great dancing, you have great dancing talent and good skills of hula dancing.

From Gloria.K.

Anonymous said...

Great dance Tamaki Intermediate, your cook island dance group is really talented in dancing! you guys were awesome! i loved it and i would like to see some more of your cool dancing!

4rm Tasha :-
Room 7

Sheila said...

What great dancing! We are impressed. Thank you for leaving comments on our blog. Yes netball goals are called baskets and it is only girls in our netball team just now. There are some boys that would like to join but we are having a big push on clubs for girls called "Girls on the Go"!

Dillion said...

I think the video was the best thing ever!!!!!!

-Mr.Mcclung's class

alex said...

thats a pretty good dance guys should teach me the (COOK ISLAND DANCE)!

naomi said...

I think you win the dance contest you are so cool at it it looks like you look like a buning waves. mybest friend like so mush.

Anonymous said...

wow! that is an amazing dance
mr mcclungs class

The Lipsky Team said...

Dear Tamaki Today,
That is some awesome dancing! It looks like you had to practice many times because everyone knew exactly what steps to do! The first graders (6 and 7 year olds)at my school are studying Australia and New Zealand so I'll have to pass your blog onto their teachers! Great Work!

Miss Lipsky

keith said...

I thought that the dancing was sweet.mywhole class thoght in some ways that it was funnyand me.

kenya said...

The dance was pretty nice:]

mckoy said...

that was a very gooooood dance and i want to dance like that :]and i want to know more.

sasha said...

hay you dance better than us :)

Anonymous said...

I loved your Cook Island Dance, Red House - well done! I'm sure you'll do really well in your Cultural Festival.
I've also been looking at your Weather Pixie - here in Scotland our weather is quite a bit colder to yours, in fact it's freezing!! Mr Webb has already been on our blog - perhaps some of you other students might like to have a look around and leave us a comment. We're just new to this blogging game!
Mrs McC P5

Sue said...

Hi Guys,
I have just logged on and couldn't continue to another post until I had told you how wonderful I thought your performance was. I teach children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and we are having a school concert on the
10th of December. I have been trying to teach them how to smile when they are performing. I am going to show them this video on our Smart Board on Monday, because a picture tells a thousand words and you all looked so happy performing. It was
a glorious colourful feast for the eyes and ears. Well done

tamakitoday said...

@ Room Six - thanks so much for the comments we'll be visiting early next week, have loved your work this year its been very high quality.
@ Sheila - I'll get some of our Netball team to leave you comments shortly, its goals in New Zealand! Thanks so much for the feedback!
@ Mr McClungs Class - thanks so much for your comments we will reply to them all next week when the students are back in class
@ Miss Lipsky - if you need some New Zealand experts just let us know we'd love to help.
@ Mrs MC at 5P. Yes its getting in the mid 20s here in New Zealand as we head from Summer. Thanks for your comment and we'll get the students to check your site out next week.
@ Room13 thanks so much for the feedback and I will tell the students to come check out your site next week. Appreciate the feedback.

Wm Chamberlain said...

I have heard several of our Pacific Island students talk about your students dancing. They really feel that they are missing out on some of their heritage. I am glad that they can watch the videos and get to see some of what their culture entails.
Mr. C

Anonymous said...

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