Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Haka/Waiata 3

This is Leander House. Leander house is the the 'green' house at our school. This is the house whose students won the 2007 cultural festival. The students had 15 minutes to perform five separate acts that reflect the culture of the students at Tamaki Intermediate School. This house for instance chose to have a Indian opening dance, a Samoan Solo dance (Gaifo from the Learn to Speak Samoan videos no less!), a Cook Island Mixed Group, a Maori Boys Haka (War Dance/Challenge) and finished with a mass item involving all studnets which was a Tongan item. Performed by the students at Tamaki Intermediate in our School Hall on Wednesday 3rd December 2008. This is the first dress rehearsal. Filmed by Evandah and Sosaia.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gaifo well done awsome dance.