Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tamaki Int - Learn to Speak Samoan 25

With the Christmas Season upon us its time to celebrate - its Learn to Speak Samoan Lesson 25 with a 'festive' flavor.

This lesson is focused on phrases associated with Christmas, family and celebration. The lesson is presented by Sideanna (Reindeer Antlers) and Gaifo (Santa Hat). The words will appear on screen in England and Samoan and will be spoken by the students in Samoan and then repeated in English. This lesson was filmed at Tamaki Intermediate School on Wednesday 10th December 2008. And features one of the worst 'Christmas Cracker' jokes - ever!


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Thank You for telling us that santa hat is GAIFO in Samoan.

Mrs She

tamakitoday said...

Er no its - not and I have know idea why you think that it is! Thanks for your loyal support Mrs She as always!

Sue said...

What a great seasonal post. You both look so confident presenting.
Merry Christmas, and have a fantastic holiday break everyone.
Room 13

NZWaikato said...

@ Sue thanks so much for your comment, and yes the students love presenting and sharing their culture with others around the world