Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tamaki Int - Haka Waiata 2008 Results

Phew! What a day, Friday saw the 2008 Tamaki Intermediate School Cultural Festival- Haka/Waiata. No more dress rehearsals or preparation, all the students in full costume for the event! The competition between Tamaki Intermediates four houses Leander (Green), Calliope (Red), Orpheus (Blue) and Achilles (Yellow) was the closet that its ever been!

Orpheus won best Girls Group, Boys Group and Girls Leadership. Achilles won best Boys Leadership and best Girls Item. Calliope won best Mixed Group Item and Leander won best Mass Item.

In the end it came down to the closet of margins with Orpheus coming first and winning, Achilles taking the runners up spot and taking second and Calliope third and Leander 4th.

Tamakitoday was there in force and we recorded every moment of it from the introductions to the judges decisions... 20 acts in full that will be released here over the course of the next month or so. We'll be starting with the winning items of each of the catergories and include all the dances, haka's, waiata and items in the following weeks.


jkmcclung said...

Not sure what the search storm was all about, but I'll take it....and we were glad to leave comments, after all your school has been entertaining us all week....and lets keep New Zealand number two!

tamakitoday said...

I think a 'search storm' is a random cluster map when you get 60-70 hits from all at random who appear and disappear suddenly!