Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Goodbye from tamakitoday...

This is the final week of school for students at Tamaki Intermediate School. Monday we have our 2008 School Prize Giving. This is the single most important assembly of the year. Students will be awarded prizes ranging from School Dux (best academic student) to Sports person of the year. Overall House of the Year will also be awarded, Orpheus House being white hot favourites following their Haka/Waiata Competition win, Athletics win and dominating three out of the four terms of competition. This event will be filmed in detail and posted online as soon as possible after the actual event.

Tues is the final official day of school. Students will receive their 2008 year book - Te Rama magazine, and the 2008 Tamaki Idol Competition will take place. There are ten students acts and two teacher acts competing for the 2008 title.

All of the acts will be filmed in full and posted over the christmas break... for those of you unaware students in New Zealand will be on Christmas break from next week until the first week in February (although there is some slight variation in this depending on the school). All our regular video contributors and busy filming their final releases in each series (Learn to Speak Samoan is up to lesson 25 for instance!) these in some cases will include Christmas and holidays special that will posted over the holidays.

Just as school finishes on Tuesday, and this week also marks the last official week of

We only started regularly blogging in March and since then the students are absolutely thrilled with the responses and what we've been able to achieve. We've had nearly 4,500 visitors to this site! We've had well over 20,000 views of our material online and we're in the top ten worldwide for numerous google searches. We've had so many highlights this year, being nominated for an Edublog Award, the Tamaki Film Festival, networking with wonderful people like Mister C's Classroom, Mister P, Mrs She's class at Point England School and Toa's Troops in China... the list goes on and on.

To each and everyone one of you thank you your support has meant so much to the students in Room Six of Tamaki Intermediate School.

This also marks the end of my (Mr Webb's) time at Tamaki Intermediate as after work here for just over six years I have decided to move cities and leave Auckland for Hamilton. We will continue to post throughout the holidays as we have a stack load of material to go through but the students themselves who have been the heart and soul of this online project will obviously be unable to reply to any posts that you make.

Thank you once again.

Mr Webb and the students of Room Six
Tamaki Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand.


Tamaki Primary School said...

Well done to each and everyone of you. Mr. Webb, you have done a wonderful job and you will be sadly missed in our cluster of schools. All the very best for your move and keep in touch!
Mrs Kelly
Tamaki primary

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

@ Mr Webb!

Thank you for being such a fantastic supporter of Room 5. You are an awesome teacher and friend.
We are going to miss you a lot and we hope that you will continue to go online and look at our work next year ! Bye and take care!

Mrs She and Room 5 Pt England School.

NZWaikato said...

@ Mrs Kelly - thanks so much I have enjoyed the networking this year so much and got a huge kick out of meeting you this year.
@ Mrs She - thanks for your support and I look forward to networking with your classroom next year. I will miss everyone in the Tamaki area so much next year but am also excited about my new future in my new area.

J Toa said...

Mr. Webb and Room 6 - Fa'afetai lava! Thank you for all your help and collaboration this year. We really appreciated your help and all the great things you shared with us on your blog!

Have a great Christmas holiday and a relaxing break.

I'm looking forward to getting back to the shores of Aotearoa this Saturday...who knows...we might just bump into each other!

Ia manuia le Kirisimasi!

Mr. T

NZWaikato said...

@ J Toa - thanks for your support this year our students were thrilled to be networking with a Chinese School unfortunately I am no longer in the area and preparing to move to Hamilton but keen to link up again in 2009 with you and your class.

Theresa said...

I just found your blog and you are leaving! No worries, I will follow the great work that you have grown at Tamaki...and follow you in Hamilton. Thank you for your kind comments on our school blog. Winter greetings and Happy New Year from Michigan!
Theresa Reagan, Principal, Georgetown Elementary

NZWaikato said...

@ Mrs Reagan
Thanks for the positive feedback and we'll be sure to follow your work online. We'll be out our new location from February 2009 and we'll make sure that you have that contact information! Fantastic blog!