Monday, December 8, 2008

Tamaki Int - Samoan Girls Dance 1

This footage is of the 2008 Haka/Waiata Cultural Festival held at Tamaki Intermediate School on Friday 5th December 2008. It was filmed by Victor from Room Six. This dance is a traditional Samoan Girls Dance. The house that performed this dance is Achilles (Yellow). Its one of the five acts that their house performed on the day. As we've mentioned all other footage was rehearsals - this is students in their full competition uniforms.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girls Awesome Dance. I really enjoyed it.

From Laura Iu

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Go ! Samoan Girls !
I love it ! Well done !

Mrs She

Dillion said...

Your welcome.I really liked the dances and things.

Rachael said...

Hey that was cool. well that samoan dance was beautiful I like your costumes too and that neckelace.

Etta said...

Hey girls that so cool.That samoan dance that u guys did was so cool MALO LAVA.I thout your guys costumes were pretty nice and your guys necklace.

pesroom10 said...

Wow, great dancing girls! I liked how you had beautiful costumes but even a kava bowl. Good luck and please let us know who won the competition!

spxroom6 said...

MALO.... Great dancing malo mo le siva. It was an awesome dance.Can't wait to see more.

From Gloria.K.

AsHlEy said...

That was a really cool dance.
You guys need to teach me how to dance like that..

Jacob said...

Great show! You guys are really good. Keep up the good work and CONGRATULATIONS on the nomination at the Edublog awards...we'll be all voting for you!

Ia manuia

Mr. T